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Televes launches transmodulator for digital satellite signals with automatic channel identification

Televes is launching the new DVBS/S2-COFDM transmodulator for digital satellite signals with S_ID control which allows the installer to change the channels present in an installation without the need to retune the televisions. This facilitates maintenance work in certain special facilities such as hotels, hospitals and residential buildings. 

The Service_ID feature allows all the televisions and DTT receivers in a single installation to automatically detect content changes without requiring them to be retuned. The device itself issues an alert if the same Service_ID has been configured in more than one service so that it can then be changed. It also allows full or selective removal of the existing services at the multiplex so that they are not detected and stored by DTT televisions or receivers.

The new DVBS/S2-COFDM is made on-site in Televes's manufacturing facilities and consequently carries the European Technology Made in Europe seal as a guarantee of reliability and cutting-edge technology, a feature that distinguishes the company's products and that is the fruit of its over 50 years' experience, its industrial capacity and its strong commitment to R+D+i.