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Televes marks a new reference with the T.12 single-channel amplifiers, ready for the ‘digital dividend’

Televes continues to set the pace in the sector of radio-television signal reception and distribution equipment. On this occasion, the company has launched a new range of T.12 single-channel amplifiers, which provide unbeatable performance in signal processing, with precise and simple frequency adjustments.

The T.12 single-channel amplifiers are presented in eleven references and are an advanced evolution of this product line, which combines all of the experience accumulated by the company since it launched the first single-channel module with “Z” connection system in 1981.

Televes manufactures the T.12 on state-of-the-art robotised lines and they undergo the strictest quality controls, obtaining as a result unprecedented levels of reliability and stability.

‘LTE Ready’

The new T.12 amplifiers are ready to deal with the emerging relocation of frequencies within the liberation process of the so-called digital dividend, and, therefore, they carry the Televes LTE Ready stamp.

They are also compatible with the previous model, T.03, as regards which the design of the plating has been greatly improved and the power supply can serve up to 24 modules. They also offer remote power supply of the pre-amplifiers.

NP100 Project

The launching of the new T.12 amplifiers forms part of the NP100 plan, the project promoted by Televes Corporation to launch a hundred new products in 18 months. This initiative started up in January 2011 and aims to reinforce the company’s leadership by winning market share, boosting internationalisation and motivating the whole human team.

Download a high resolution image of the new T.12 from our Image Gallery.