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Televes offers its customers fully assembled and programmed distribution headends

Televes takes another step forward in its installer service policy with the commercialisation of fully assembled, adjusted and programmed distribution headends. This way, the professionals can opt for a solution that gives them considerable advantages, such as important time savings in installation and a total guarantee of reliability, as the devices leave Televes’ premises fully checked and in operation.  The installer only has to connect the incoming signal via the backpanel.

Televes confirms its leadership
The advantages also include the price, as the company applies no extra charge for the assembly and adjustment of the devices.
This initiative started as a pilot experience in Portugal, where the solution was particularly attractive for complex installations, in buildings like hotels, schools and colleges, hospitals and housing estates. In this country, the first devices that Televes delivered fully assembled were distribution systems with headends integrated in 19” racks, which included fibre optics services, among others. In the light of its success, the company has decided to also offer this type of assemblies to its customers all over the world.
Francisco PĂ©rez, Commercial Director at Televes, highlighted that, with this initiative, Televes confirms its leadership and offers “added value” to its customers, reinforcing its policy of proximity and support to the professionals.