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Televes presents the full range of Fiber Optics distribution equipment

In an environment defined by multiple networks and technologies, Televes continues to offer proof of its capacity to offer professional installers new solutions and added value services. The company presents its new range of devices for signal distribution using fibre optics, covering all the necessities for the deployment of this type of network. 

The range of Televes fibre optics products is made up of terminal boxes, multistrand cables and connection accessories. It is also complemented by other devices related to this technology: field strength meters, laser sources, fusion splicers and accessories. In this way, Televes provides professionals with all the necessary means for carrying out the installation of FTTH (Fibre to the Home).

All Televes fibre optics devices and equipment offer the warranty of state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing excellence that defines a brand that is a reference in the distribution of radio-television signals sector. 

From the range of fibre optics it is worth highlighting the following equipment:  

‱ Main distribution. Allows the orderly display of the optical cables and strands once the junctions and connections have been performed, with as many as 48 SC/APC connectors, and protected by oven-lacquered metal cabinets with electrostatic paint finish.

‱ Secondary distribution. Designed to be installed in the diving wall in each floor of the building. It can hold up to eight output fibres. 

‱ User Access Point (PAU). Performs the link between the dispersion network and the user network, and can be used as a port for optical fibre. Two references are offered; SC-Socket for two to four adaptors.

‱ Fibre optic cables. Televes considers the quality of the cable an essential parameter to guarantee the perfect reception of the signal by the end user. For this reason the company has devoted all its experience and technological capacity to offer three different models of fibre optic cable, with 2, 24 and 48 singlemode strands. They all present low curvature sensitivity and comply with Standard ITU-T G.657-A2.

‱ Accessories. The complete Televes range for the distribution of the fibre optic signal includes a protection sleeve, mechanical splice, SC/APC connector, singlemode lead SC/APC(plug)- SC/APC(plug), and SC/APC(socket)-SC/APC(socket) adaptor.