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Televes presents the Q1500 tower, developed with naval technology to obtain unprecedented features

Televes has launched the Q1500 tower, made of high purity stainless steel and with a totally novel design based on naval technology. The result is a tower that is 14.5 metres high with a radius of just 1.5 metres, which represents a saving of 401 square metres in terrain for installation compared to a conventional device of similar characteristics.

Thanks to the materials used, its design and Televes’ manufacturing technology, the Q1500 has a practically unlimited life. Its outstanding features include its mechanical resistance, torsional rigidity and very easy handling and assembly, with a new coupling system that simplifies the union between the sections.

Due to its extraordinary characteristics, high performance and low maintenance, it is recommended for installation in areas where antenna towers can represent a risk to people: Schools, hotels, housing estates or even single-family homes. It can also be used for the installation of radio enthusiast antennas.

Due to its resistance to atmospheric agents, the new Televes Q155 is also ideal for areas of high salinity or industrial contamination.

Extensive Experience in Towers

Televes has a long tradition in the manufacture of towers, which it has designed, manufactured and commercialised for more than 25 years. In 2001, the company developed its first 81-metre tower in the 600 series, a model which after subsequent modification measured 102 metres high.

Televes’ towers are characterised by the use of advanced structure calculation computer programs in their design, which allows them to meet, and in many cases to exceed, the most demanding quality and security standards, including the US TIA 222-G standard and the European standards EN 1990 (Basis of structural design), EN 1991 (Actions on structures) and EN 1993 (Design of steel structures).

This experience in the market and the use by the Engineering department of state-of-the-art design software, allow Televes to offer towers for antennas that achieve the highest levels of robustness with the minimum weight.

NP100 Project

The launching of the new Q1500 tower forms part of the NP100 plan, the project promoted by Televes Corporation to launch a hundred new products in 18 months. This initiative started up in January 2011 and aims to reinforce the company’s leadership by winning market share, boosting internationalisation and motivating the whole human team.