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H30Suite Software H30 Series Meter Management

H30Suite is an application for mobile devices, which allows the management of H30 series field meters that have Wi-Fi connectivity. One of its most valuable features is the multiscreen and wirelessly control function, which allows the user to measure and act on the meter using their own mobile device.

Using H30Suite, the user can query and export the information stored in the meter, and even clone the equipment configuration. In addition, other tasks are easier with the mobile device interface, such as registering the meter or consulting the user manual.

The application is freely available for Android / iOS mobile devices.

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Ref. 100016
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EAN13: 8424450247051
  • Automatic recognition and identification of the meter connected to the H30Suite
  • Multi-screen and remote control function, to manage the meter through the mobile device
  • Check and export stored measurements
  • Access to quality profiles
  • Check and edit channel plans
  • Cloning of meter settings
  • Real-time consultation of the user manual, to solve doubts or follow instructions
  • Meter registration through a friendlier interface

Main features
  • Communication between mobile and meter is done via Wi-Fi, so it only requires to generate a network from the meter
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Czech and Russian
  • Compatible with H30 series models with Wi-Fi connectivity: H30+, H30D+, H30Evolution and H30Crystal