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Televes Corporate Identity Guidebook

Mon, 28/11/2022


The herein usage policy (hereinafter referred to as “the usage policy”) sets forth the warnings, terms and conditions under which Televes S.A.U. (“Televes” or the “company”) allows and governs the general use of the distinctive signs (associated logos and registered trademarks, which are identified on section 2.1 infra as “Televes trademarks”) available on the website If unrelated use of the trademarks Televes is intended, it shall be agreed beforehand with Televes. Please contact our copyright and industrial property team by e-mail to request special authorisation to use Televes trademarks..

Televes has been a registered trademark on a global scale since 1958. The company is a member of the exclusive club Leading Brands of Spain due to the high reputation of the brand, product and service quality, and the spotless history of the company worldwide. When complying with this usage policy, you cooperate to enhance the value and the integrity of Televes trademarks. Televes appreciates your cooperation in this respect.

The herein usage policy – which includes some fair, reasonable and consistent attribution liabilities – is contractual between the parties. Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail should you require further information on this issue.

1. Recipients

Acknowledging that Televes trademarks are as important for the company as for our partners, distributors, licensees, clients and users (including associations, schools, training centres and academies, technical schools and universities) of our products and services – or products incorporating them –, as well as for third parties that may use Televes trademarks that are aimed at promotion, billing, advertising, consultation or educational materials, and/or for their websites, products, labelling or packaging, these parties shall comply with the herein usage policy in a comprehensive and strict way in order to maintain the quality and reputation identifying the Televes community. Hereinafter, any of the above-mentioned parties will be referred to as “third party”, “user” or “you”.

In any event, the herein policy does not grant you in any way a license to use any of the distinctive signs – including logos, word, mixed or graphic trademarks of any type and trade name – of Televes except as otherwise provided in section 3 of the herein usage policy.

2. Material scope

Televes identifies their products and services with the brand “Televes” – nationally renowned –, which sometimes comes with other distinctive signs.

2.1 Televes trademarks

Televes trademarks include – not limited to – Televes name, Televes logo and any word, phrase, image or designation identifying the origin of any of the products or services offered by Televes.

We kindly ask you neither to modify/alter any Televes brands, nor to use them in a confusing way, nor even suggest that Televes sponsors or supports any company or institution without prior consent in such a way that may lead to Televes being confused with another trademark.

Televes logos are those graphics that, be they part of a mixed or graphic brand, be they associated to the word trademark “Televes”, are protected by the rights of industrial property inherent in the company.

The following logo is available on the Televes website and also on any other platform the company may deem appropriate:

3. How to use Televes trademarks

In general terms, the use or authorisation to use Televes trademarks by third parties is prohibited. Exceptions to the foregoing are the use and authorisation to use Televes trademarks in accordance with provisions in the herein usage policy or those granted by Televes in written for a specific case. As a consequence of that, no authorisation to use of the Televes trademarks shall be granted.

In accordance with the herein usage policy, you can use Televes trademarks without requesting prior authorisation in written in the following cases:

  • To refer to Televes products or services in your ads or any other promotion materials, provided that you are duly authorised to sell or promote Televes products or services (authorised dealer, licensee, etc.); and
  • To explain the relationship between your own products and services with those of Televes, by adding a phrase referring to your product or service such as “compatible with Televes products” or “installation performed with Televes products” provided that: (i) Televes trademarks are neither part of your service nor of your product, nor they are incorporated to it; and (ii) such phrase is specific and meets the requirements set in the licence agreement linked to Televes.

3.1 Obligations

You undertake to use Televes trademarks in accordance with the following obligations:

  • It shall not harm or damage the value and reputation of Televes trademarks. It shall not harm either the company’s reputation, integrity and goodwill as indicated by Televes at its discretion.
  • You shall not include Televes trademarks to the products or services you offer.
  • The projects you perform – be they in whole or in part – using Televes products or by means of Televes services shall include the corresponding Televes logo. Such logo must be neither deleted nor edited.
  • You may carry out integral projects with Televes products or services as long as Televes trademarks are included either in the project report or in its quotation.
  • If you use Televes trademarks on your website, they shall be accessible to general public without the need for a password. If you display any of the logos indicated in section 2.1 on your website or any other web tool, it shall be linked to In addition, the logo shall be visible and easy to read, featuring minimum dimensions of 1cm wide x 0,56 cm high. The size of the logo must always keep 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The use of Televes trademarks shall not mislead or confuse the customer. They shall not be therefore used in a way that they may suggest or declare openly that Televes supports, backs, sponsors or is somehow linked to the project (be it a product, service or any other document) in which they are included.

3.2 Undue usage

  • You undertake to use Televes trademarks neither as your company, association, centre, etc. name, nor as your products, services, web domain name.
  • You shall not register in any jurisdiction any Televes trademark as a whole or as part of your company name, product or service that may be misleading in terms of sponsorship, adherence or consent by Televes as for your project, company, product or service.
  • You shall neither use nor register in any jurisdiction any domain name including any Televes trademark that may be misleading in terms of sponsorship, adherence or consent by Televes as for your project, company, product or service.
  • You shall not use Televes trademarks for misleading or false advertising. You shall not either use Televes trademarks in any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic or dubious materials.
  • You shall not use Televes trademarks to discredit Televes or any products or services offered by Televes.
  • You may not use our brands for advertising, promotion or marketing together with products other than Televes, to the extent that there may be a risk of association, endorsement or sponsorship of such products by Televes. Neither may they be used together with other products of inferior quality in a way that the brand's reputation may be affected.
  • You may neither use any brand by Televes as a keyword – including on Google AdWords –, nor as search terms in any kind of advertisement.

3.4 Rules for the correct use of Televes trademarks

Televes trademarks shall be neither modified nor altered from the originals shown in section 2.1.

Under no circumstances shall the colours of Televes trademarks be modified, be they plain or gradient:


Layout of the colours shall not be modified either:


No modification shall be performed on the trademark made available to the user – that is, any file alteration, including modifying or deleting the established margins:


4. Rights reservation and rules for their application

4.1 Rights reservation

Televes reserves the right to terminate the use of its trademarks for breach of the herein usage policy or any other authorisation granted in writing, and for any other reason that may seem appropriate at its discretion.

For this purpose, the company will require the termination of the authorisation to use Televes trademarks. Consequently, the user shall cease the use of such trademarks immediately. Otherwise, Televes shall be entitled to file a suit and promote any actions that may deem appropriate to protect the rights and interests of the company.

Likewise, Televes reserves the right to modify, alter and update the herein list at any time. The company also reserves the right to alter or modify Televes trademarks without prior notice. For this reason, we kindly ask you to check the list including Televes trademarks on a regular basis in order for you to ensure that the usage policy is duly discharged.

4.2 Scope of liability

Any risk affecting the use of Televes trademarks is taken by the user. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, the uses allowed by the herein usage policy are authorised by Televes “as is” – in accordance with article 6 quinquies of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property –, without warranty of any kind, not limited to any warranty of non-infringement of third-party rights.

You undertake to compensate Televes and/or its successors or transferees for any lawsuit, legal action, recusation, loss, expense or any other damage or liability of any kind – including but not limited to reasonable attorney expenses and/or investigation – that may arise or result from the usage of any Televes trademark in breach with the herein usage policy.

Likewise, you undertake not to intend to acquire Televes trademarks rights by invoking their use in the herein usage policy.

Published on November 28st 2022

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