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Televes is participating in the project to create the largest business-oriented ‘Cloud’ test platform in Europe

Televes has been selected to test its Digital Building and Home solutions on BonFIRE, the largest Cloud Test Platform in Europe, to carry out large-scale business-oriented experiments and tests.

The BonFIRE Project ( has a budget of around eight million Euros, and is financed by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development. It receives participation from important multinationals, supercomputing centres and universities from ten European countries.

Televes’ participation in the project will allow large-scale testing of its Digital Building and Digital Home solutions, as well as contributing to the actual development of this powerful cloud test platform.

The objective of the testing to be carried out by the company is to simulate a real environment, with numerous homes and buildings connected, in order to check the robustness and optimise the design of its platform of services. The platform includes communications, device management and security. Similarly, it aims to determine the platform’s capacity to support value-added services that will be demanded in the future.

“Participating in BonFIRE marks a milestone for Televes, as it places us at the vanguard of the development of solutions for digital buildings and homes, one step ahead of our competitors. The tests we will carry out could not be performed in real environments or in conventional laboratories or research centres”, stated Byron Ortiz, Head of Software Engineering and the person responsible for the project.