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Televes positioned as benchmark company in solutions for ‘digital dividend’ at Evolving Connectivity 2012 in London

Santiago de Compostela, 22th May 2012. At one of the main events in the British market, the Evolving Connectivity 2012 fair held in London on 2 and 3 May, Televes took up a position at the forefront of the development of solutions for tackling the technical implications in the coming coexistence of digital radio and television signals and mobile broadband services (LTE). This coexistence in the radio electric spectrum in both types of services is what is known as the digital dividend, and is currently the subject of white-hot debate in the sector in Europe.

Anticipating the competition, and showing its condition as leader in the market, Televes has developed a series of solutions to help professional fitters solve possible technical problems that could arise in the process of liberating the digital dividend, guaranteeing the best possible reception for digital television signals. Some of these solutions, labelled with the hallmark LTE Ready, registered by the company, were presented at the event in London. The series consists of complete range of filters, adapted to different cut-off frequencies, and a renovated range of amplification and distribution equipment. The new Innova BOSS antenna was also presented, specially designed for use in interiors and incorporating Televes smart signal adjustment technology.

The evaluation of the impact that LTE broadcasting will have on digital television was one of the main topics under debate at Evolving Connectivity. Representatives from the BBC, the British public radio and television station, and from OFCOM, which regulates the telecommunications market, took part in the discussions.

Tools for telecommunications professionals

Together with the products specially developed for the digital dividend, Televes presented its new portable field meter in London; the H60, which incorporates a more powerful version of digital processing technology, patented by the company. Thanks to its improved services, this equipment is destined to become a key tool for professionals in the necessary adaptation of reception facilities to future LTE broadcasting.

Other Televes equipment that stood out at the Evolving Connectivity fair was the solution for television signal distribution through Internet protocol (IPTV) and the T.0X distribution headers. Thanks to their versatility, their capacity for integrating services and their energy efficiency, these headers are enjoying an excellent reception in the different markets where they have been presented.