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Televés Italia diventa Membro Ufficiale del Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (CEI)

Televés Italia, fornitore leader di soluzioni e apparati per le telecomunicazioni, è lieta di annunciare la sua adesione ufficiale al Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (CEI). Questa prestigiosa adesione consente a Televés Italia di partecipare allo sviluppo e al recepimento degli standard europei e degli standard applicativi in Italia. CEI è un'associazione privata senza fini di lucro che cura a livello nazionale la standardizzazione tecnica nei settori dell'elettronica, delle telecomunicazioni e dell'elettrotecnica. CEI è anche responsabile della partecipazione diretta alle corrispondenti organizzazioni di normazione europee e internazionali, tra cui CENELEC e IEC. Fondata nel 1909 e riconosciuta dal Governo Italiano e dall'Unione Europea, CEI propone, elabora, pubblic[...]
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Interview with Antonia Varela, PhD. in Astrophysics from the IAC and President of the Starlight Foundation

Antonia Varela at the Canariy Islands Astrophysical Institute Santiago de Compostela, December 13th 2022. When designing professional LED lighting solutions, one must consider the technical, regulatory and functional requirements of both the sector and the customer without neglecting the environment. Driven by this concern, we at Televes wanted to know the opinion of one of the most qualified people in the world to talk about lighting that is respectful to the night sky. Antonia Varela, PhD. in Astrophysics from the Instituto de AstrofĂ­sica de Canarias (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute) and president of the Starlight Foundation, has shared her vision on the trends to be considered concerning responsible and sustainable lighting. Televes (T): Fighting light pollution is a[...]
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Televes Corporation reaches 3,000,000 microchips launched to market, and positions itself at the vanguard of microelectronics in Europe

TForce microchip designed and mounted in Televes facilities in Spain TForce technology marks a milestone and proves the tech group´s capacity as a key player in the future of microelectronics in technological sectors such as Defense, aeronautics and automotive. Santiago de Compostela and Campinas, November 30th, 2021 - In the midst of the global component supply crisis, Televes Corporation announces an important milestone by launching its three millionth microchip to the market. And coinciding with this milestone, one of the key firms within the corporation, Maxwell Applied Technologies, also announces that it is already working on the next generation of integrated circuits, based on gallium nitride, opening a new line of infinite possibilities in the field of radio frequency for othe[...]
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Televes signs technological alliance with Brazilian tech giant Padtec

Through this technology partnership, DWDM solutions based on Padtec developments will become part of the Televes product portfolio for its new Optical Transport business area Santiago de Compostela and Campinas, June 16th, 2021. Televes – Spanish leading multinational in solutions for telecommunication infrastructures, announces its partnership with Padtec, principal manufacturer of optical transport systems in Latin America. The objective is to jointly achieve a position of reference in the Optical Transport sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets. Through this alliance, DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solutions based on Padtec developments will become part of the Televes product portfolio for its newly created Optical Transport business area for high[...]
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Televes launches pilot with Bavarian Red Cross to develop Carelife™ healthcare solution in the German market

Santiago de Compostela, March 10th, 2020. Televes has reached an agreement with Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (Red Cross of Bavaria) to launch a pilot that will allow Carelife™ to be developed in the German market. This important step in the internationalization of the product takes place after having reliably validated, within the framework of the European ACTIVAGE project, the reliability and robustness of this advanced telecare solution for eHealth environments. The Bavarian Red Cross is a leading provider of social and health services in the land of Bavaria. This collaboration will serve to adapt to the German market the care model for the elderly or dependents based on technology proposed by Carelife™. For the development of the pilot, 20 homes will be equipped w[...]
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Televes to present its 'technological revolution' TForce at ANGACOM

Televes will be in Cologne to participate in ANGACOM, the German trade fair for Broadband, Cable and Satellite sectors, a key strategic event in Europe. It will be held between 7 and 9 June, with more than 450 exhibitors from 40 countries and a congress with 26 technological panels, in which our technical director Justo Rodal will present the definition of an Intelligent Building as an intrical part of a Smart City.  Once inside Televes Stand D21, visitors will learn about the new manufacturing revolution: TForce, the technology developed by Televes to design, manufacture and assemble MMIC components. With this technology, available to very few manufacturers, the company gives a qualitative leap in electronic minitaturization and will develop a new generation of products with limits onl[...]
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