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För de flesta av de frÄgor som kunder stÀller gÄr det att finna svaret i den hÀr sektionen. Om du behöver ytterligare hjÀlp, kan du kontakta oss direkt genom att fylla i följande information.

Port 6451: this port is used by the CDC to connect to the link server of Televes, so it need to be opened mainly in OUT configuration, from CDC to Televes. If this port is open, then you can at least access the CDC via Online Session on the Televes Website, you would select the MAC address of the CDC, not it\'s IP, and that connection would be established with the CDC through port 6451.

Port 50.000: it\'s used by a PC to connect to Televes Server, if you want to connect from your PC to a CDC module outside your network, with the TSuite software, this port need to be open.

Port 15706: this port is used to access the website that the CDC creates when you access it\'s ip address. Normally you do that on the same network: you configure an IP for the CDC, and then you write that IP on the web browser to access the CDC, without TSuite. If you where to do that but outside that network, this port would need to be opened, but you would also need to configure your NAT table on the router and route the traffic coming from outside to that port to go directly to the CDC.

Port 15707: it\'s used by the TSuite software to connect directly to a CDC identified by an IP Adress, if you are in the same network there is no problem, but if you configure to access a CDC module outside your network, identifying it with it\'s IP address, then this port need to be open, and configure the router and NAT table to route to the CDC.

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