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TSuite Software Headend management

TSuite is an application that allows you to set up and monitor locally every T.0X head-end installed. Massive setups of the whole head-end can be performed when combining TSuite with a CDC module installed in a T.0X head-end.
By using TSuite along with a CDC module installed in the T.0X head-end that is being monitored, the installer will be able to connect to it by means of a remote, fast and safe access via Televes servers. Even when there is no Internet connection, installing a CDC in a head-end has its advantages: thanks to TSuite for PC it is now possible to easily complete massive local management tasks on every module in the head-end, as it is no longer necessary to manage every module individually.
This app is free and available for Android/iOS devices and PC.

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Ref. 100005
Product Sheet
EAN13: 8424450212752
  • Shorten operation times in the event of incidents: remote detection of malfunctions, signal problems and other unexpected events
  • Avoid arriving on site: remote setup with a CDC
  • Quick installing: it allows to save head-end setups and to perform massive actions on every module (local or remote)
  • Reliable and safe connection: communications are carried out via Televes servers remotely.

Main features
  • Multi-user access
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian
  • Compatible with models T.0X, T05 and Avant 5/HD.

More Information
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