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About us

Our pillars

For more than 50 years, the three pillars that determine our DNA are: investment in R & D, the constant pursuit of improvement in productivity through state-of-the-art technology and our passion for quality.


"Our professionals work using the latest technological advances so that Televes is always at the forefront of innovation."

A team in constant evolution

We have formed a highly qualified team of Research and Development that allows us to overcome the technical and technological challenges that our sector is constantly facing. A R&D team, made up mostly by university graduates, constantly respond to new technological and regulatory changes.

For Televes the last stage in our bid for the Technological Development is the implementation of the design in our state of the art manufacturing network which transforms the design into a saleable product. In-house manufacturing, allows us to optimize resources to quickly react to changes and the constant evolution of our industry, whilst controlling every stage of the manufacturing process and guaranteeing the quality of the product and our environmental responsibility.

As a result of the pursuit for Technological Development, Televes has more than 200 records of industrial property, of which more than 50% are patents (20 of them European), utility models and industrial designs.

Innovation groups

Being a leading player in the technological changes in television and information technologies within buildings and homes, is a consequence of the strong investment made by Televes Corporation in Research and Development. We are members of numerous telecommunications, innovation and technology groups around the world.

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"Our passion goes beyond the product. Therefore, we not only design our products, but we also develop the manufacturing process that makes them."

Cutting edge technology

The right people, the right working methods, the right working environment, the optimal facilities and the control systems for each process in constant evolution are a guarantee of global efficiency. Televes was a pioneer in the use of equipment as management tools, and these have always been present in all industrial, commercial and administrative activities.

The sustainability of high productivity parameters is particularly important in the manufacture of products with complex integration processes. And the demanding market in which we operate does not allow another philosophy than to compete for maximum quality and containment of market prices. For this, Televes is committed to productivity, that is, to preserve the highest quality while maintaining competitiveness through the continuous improvement of its industrial processes.

Our production lines are completely automated in order to minimize human error, hence guaranteeing the quality of the products we manufacture. We adapt to the demands of a market that is constantly changing, basing our way of working in the maximum demand and performance, continuous improvement, automation, robotization and miniturization of processes.

Televes is constantly evolving and this evolution can only occur due to our approach of "Flexible Manufacturing Systems" (FMS), which integrates the various departments of engineering and production.


"As we like to say in Televes: Quality is manufactured, not controlled"

Passion for detail

In the era of globalization, when most companies in the sector decide to outsource manufacturing processes in order to reduce costs, Televes remains true to its industrial tradition: the control of the entire process in-house, from the design through to the manufacture. A belief that is reflected in the concept of "European technology made in Europe".

Quality is of upmost importance to us, that is why we have our own certification laboratory, one of the most advanced in the sector. In it, we perform rigorous tests from electromagnetic compatibility or electrical safety to temperature, vibration and humidity tests. We subject our components to aging tests in extreme environments to check their durability. The quality of our products must meet all expectations.


Integrated policies:

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