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Televes concludes ambitious NP100 catalogue renovation plan ahead of time

Santiago de Compostela, 29th May 2012. Televes has successfully completed the NP100 plan two months ahead of the established deadline. The company –the leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for radio and television reception, measurement and distribution– has thereby concluded an ambitious and complex plan that put its capacity for innovation and market response to the test.

The plan started up towards the end of January 2011 with the purpose of renovating the company’s catalogue by launching a hundred new products over a period of 18 months. In the end this period was reduced by two months, surpassing all expectations.

“NP 100 was seen as a very ambitious and extraordinarily complex challenge, only possible for a company with the capacity for development and financial muscle power to manage it. Achieving this goal, and what is more, achieving it two months ahead of time shows the extraordinary capacity and commitment of the whole Televes organisation”, pointed out Sergio Martín, head of Televes Corporation Communication. Martín explained that the successfully completed catalogue renovation plan “provides value for clients and helps revitalise activity in the telecommunications infrastructures sector”. “We are very proud of this success as it reinforces our position in the market”, he concluded.

Innovation in all television signal distribution areas

The innovations launched under NP100 cover all the areas of specialisation Televes works in, from obtaining the signal to integrated telecommunications services, via header management, distribution, reception and measurement. The innovations have in many cases focused on electronic re-engineering and the redesign of the chassis to produce smaller and more efficient equipment. 



NP100. Number of products launched by category


Signal reception




Header management
















As outstanding references in each product area, the incorporation of smart Boss Tech technology in Diginova, Omninova and Innova antennas, the launching of the top range QSD satellite dish and the new range of turrets are the most relevant in the Signal Reception section. In the tower section, we could highlight the new Q1500, 14.5 metres high with a radius of no more than 1.5 metres, which saves 401 square metres of surface area for installation in comparison with conventional equipment of similar characteristics. Televes thus shows that no other European company is more committed to generating value in this product category through technological development and manufacturing quality.

The launching of the T.0X headers and the DVBS2 to COFDM transmodulators stand out in Head-end Management, making the installer’s work easier and providing optimum levels of efficiency in energy consumption and service distributed. Equally brilliant were the presentations of the new range of DTKom high-power head end units and the T.12 single channel amplifiers, whose performance and stability are incomparable with precise and simple frequency adjustments.

In Distribution we could make special mention of the launching of the Pikocom 2 S+DC home amplifier, with a design based on the use of state-of-the-art micro-components to reduce the size of the device and its electrical consumption. Another outstanding item was the boost of the Microkom unit in the German market.

As for Measuring Equipment, Televes has been working on the upcoming launch of the new H60, which will see the light of day at the conclusion of the project with an improved capacity for Digital Processing, and in fibre optics, a new light generator was launched. In Reception, the main innovation presented under NP100 was the Zas Sat, which enables the tuning of satellite channels in both standard format and high definition. It is, therefore, the ideal option for HD televisions which do not have an MPEG4 tuner and shares the well-known virtues of the Zas family with its brothers: easy to use, low consumption and total reliability, guaranteed by the European technology made in Europe hallmark.

Finally, NP100 was also the framework for the launching of the new Coax Data. As is already known, this hybrid adapter enables the connection of personal computers with high-speed Internet Access, television channels and audiovisual and entertainment equipment using electricity and coaxial networks with no need for additional wiring. The band width is now 200 Mbps and it is compatible with high definition.

The LTE Ready hallmark

Anticipating professionals’ needs, Televes has developed new reception and distribution equipment bearing in mind the implications of the upcoming deployment of the 4G mobile telephone network, the so-called digital dividend. The company has developed the LTE Ready hallmark, which guarantees an optimum response from these products to the future coexistence of LTE signals in the radio electric spectrum with digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels.