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Televes expands its international network with the launch of a subsidiary in Scandinavia

Televes Corporation has just launched Televes Scandinavia, its eleventh international subsidiary. Televes Scandinavia will aim to increase the presence of the brand in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as the other Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

To form the new company, the Corporation has acquired one hundred percent of its Swedish distributor Macab, a structure of more than 25 people that will be integrated into the group, ensuring that knowledge of these markets since 1981 is well retained. Televes Scandinavia is headquartered in the Swedish city of Trelleborg and will be led by Carlos Rodríguez, who has an extensive experience in Televes and a solid knowledge of the markets in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries.

The creation of this subsidiary is a milestone in the context of the sustained growth of the Televes brand in the region, which now will be boosted. Currently, the share of Televes in the Scandinavian and Nordic markets is around 20%. The strategic plan of the new subsidiary expects to increase that share to 50% within five years, also increasing brand presence in the Baltics: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

To achieve these goals, the company will launch specific business plans to seize the opportunities offered by the Digital Dividend and the deployment of 4G and 5G mobile technologies, as well as the development of high capacity data networks. Televes is well positioned in this market niche, with its solutions CoaxData and FibreData. Other opportunities will be linked to the implementation of networks for local Operators, with HFC/FTTX networks via LAN/XGPON and access points for wireless technologies, an area where Macab has already a significant market presence.

Another priority will be the Hospitality market (hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.). In a region where TV transmission is 100% digital, a high percentage of these buildings still distribute analogue services. Televes can offer them IPTV and Digital Signage systems, solutions where the company has gained vast international experience.

With the launch of the Scandinavian office, Televes Corporation expands its network of international subsidiaries already present in Portugal, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, China and UAE. This network is complemented by a wide range of agreements with local partners, enabling the company to distribute its products to more than one hundred countries on five continents