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Televes is a ‘wealth generating business in Galicia’, according to the Ardán 2011 Economic Report

The Ardán 2011 Directory and Economic Report of Galicia, published recently in its book version by the Vigo Free-Zone Consortium, includes Televes among a small number of companies rated as generating wealth in Galicia. The report also dedicates a report to the company, of which it highlights the strategy to promote its international profile, with a strong commitment to the German market and the Eastern European markets.
The Ardán 2011 Report identifies as generators of wealth in Galicia those firms which, even in times of crisis, have demonstrated excellent management and outstanding capacity to create value added. In this way, they generate wealth which will benefit the actual company and its interest groups: shareholders, employees, suppliers, Government, etc.
Ardán 2011 indicates that it has constructed the indicator by making it pivot around the generation of value, particularly around value added, that is, on the economic result after the deduction of taxes and the cost of resources, both own and borrowed, required to enable the company to operate. The criteria that a company must meet in order to be considered a high generator of wealth are as follows: To have positive EVA (Economic Value Added) during the analysis period, which in this case ranges from 2007 to 2009, and to have recorded in 2007 an EVA of more than 150,000 Euros, in order to rule out companies with minimal value generation. Finally, the growth of the EVA must be 10% during the three years of the study.
With these premises, the report detects 97 wealth generating companies in Galicia, out of a total sample of 18,800. This way, despite the fact that these firms represent just 0.5% of the total, they are capable of generating 8.15% of the income and 10.6% of the total value added of all Galician companies as a whole. Ardán 2011 highlights that “its greater professionalization and training, its internationalization, its interest in cooperation, its firm commitment to innovation and accurate focus on the market and the customer have allowed it to tackle the changes in the environment and situations like the current one without reducing its level of competiveness”.