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Televes travels through Poland during its European tour ‘Passion for Quality’

The road show has received 800 visitors in eight cities.


Santiago de Compostela, 19th April 2011. After its successful journey through Germany, the Televes international tour Passion for Quality travelled all over Poland from 2nd to 9th April, with an exhaustive agenda which included visits to eight cities.

Passion for Quality is an initiative set up by Televes Corporation to increase the brand’s visibility in the main European markets, while highlighting the values on which the company’s leadership is based: technological development, proximity and support to professionals, international vocation and, above all, excellence in the manufacturing of equipment related to telecommunications services for the home, especially for the reception and distribution of the radio-television signal. The tour began in September in the German city of Oldenburg.

The star of the tour was the mobile unit prepared by Televes especially for the occasion. A real show room on wheels that is fully equipped and prepared for carrying out presentations, meetings and conferences with all the conveniences.

The arrival in Poland of Passion for Quality clearly shows that this is a priority market for Televes. The company’s subsidiary in the country started off in May 2010, and its main objective is to increase service and support to the local installers, and to function as a platform to access the Eastern European countries.

The Passion for Quality tour through Poland included stops in the cities of Katowice, Wroclaw, Opole, Kielce, Warsaw, Plock, Gdynia and Szczecin. In each stage there were demonstrations directed at telecommunications distributors and professional installers, with the aim of showing them the corporate keys that position the Televes products as sector benchmarks in Europe. In total, the road show covered over 1,800 Kms and received more than 800 visitors. Due to the expedition’s success, this will not be the last time that the tour travels all over Poland.

Luis Romero, Managing Director of Televes Poland pointed out the “broad welcome” given to the new T0X head-end, which was designed for the convergence of all types of television signals in the building’s distribution network and was launched in 2010. “The analogue shutdown in Poland is imminent and the professionals in charge of adapting the infrastructures to the digital technology appreciate the compactness, robustness and simplicity of the T0X head-end. The installers also value the low energy use of this equipment”, points out Romero.

A business model based on technological development

Televes is a global company that is leader in the design and development of telecommunications products, systems and services for the home and similar sectors. It is the head of a group of technological companies, it is currently present in more than 80 countries, and it has 20 industry and services subsidiaries and more than 800 workers.

Among the keys to the success of its business model are its international vocation, its training policy and market technical support as well as its firm compromise towards research, development and innovation (R+D+I). Televes banks on sustainable development and on maintaining not just the development of its products, but also manufacturing them within its own facilities. In this way, the products of the company, based in Santiago de Compostela, carry the European Technology Manufactured in Europe seal, which is synonymous for being on the cutting edge of technology and quality.