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Ethernet Patch Cord U/UTP Cat 6 LSFH, green

Ethernet Patch Cord U/UTP Cat 6 LSFH, green

Ethernet Patch Cord U/UTP Cat 6 LSFH, red

Preconnected Ethernet patch cord with RJ45 connector at each end. It is made of a Category-6 data cable, U/UTP type, with copper conductor and outer sheath made of red LSFH (Low Smoke Free of Halogen).
Supplied in an individual bag.
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Ref. 209041 Length: 0.5 m
Ref. 209042 Length: 1 m
Ref. 209043 Length: 2 m
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  • Category-6 data cable
  • U/UTP Unfoiled UTP Cable
  • Flexible copper inner conductor (24AWG)
  • Compatible with PoE/PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) technology, allowing the cable to power network devices
  • PE (Polyethylene) copper conductor insulation, 0.96mm diameter
  • LSFH (Low Smoke Free Of Halogen) outer sheath, 0.60mm thick and 6mm diameter
  • 72% nominal speed
  • RJ45 connectors with gold plated connector ends

CategorieCat 6
Transmission bandwidth250MHz
Transfer rate1Gbps
Conductor Diametermm0.2
Conductor MaterialFlexible copper
Conductor type AWG24
Conductor isolation Diametermm0.96
Conductor isolation MaterialPolyethylene
Crucifix fillerNo
Outer sheath Diametermm6
Outer sheath MaterialLSFH
Outer sheath Thicknessmm0.6
Rip cordNo
Data connector typeRJ45
Spark TestVac3000
Nominal impedanceΩ100
Conductor resistanceΩ/km < 117
Nominal speed%72
Working voltageV300
Operating temperature°C -30 ... 70
1 MHz4 MHz8 MHz10 MHz16 MHz20 MHz25 MHz31.25 MHz62.5 MHz100 MHz200 MHz250 MHz
Attenuation (max.)dB/100m
--------------------31.7 --
Return lossesdB
19 19 19 19 18 17.5 17 16.5 14 12 9 8