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F.O. Patch Box pre-terminated 2 to 4 SC/APC outputs

F.O. Patch Box pre-terminated 2 to 4 SC/APC outputs

F.O. Patch Box pre-terminated with dispenser box 2 to 4 SC/APC outputs

Device enabled as a connection point to an optical fiber network. In communications infrastructures, it works as a cut-off and test point for the optical fiber network.
It incorporates optical fibre with one end pre-connectorised on the Patch Box, with 2 SC/APC connectors. This provides the installer with greater convenience and agility in assembly, allowing the fibre to pass through the different conduits to the desired point. The installer only has to do the fusion or connection 2 FO connectors at the connection point. Moreover, the fiber is delivered in a dispenser box with a reel inside, which significantly facilitates the deployment of the cable, reducing installation time and the risk of damage to the fiber.
The design also allows installation in other types of premises (car repair shops, classrooms, work tables, wiring cabinets, etc.) and use as a connection point.
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  • Made of robust ABS plastic. White color (RAL 9003)
  • With a capacity of up to 4 SC/APC output connectors
  • Equipped with ITU-T G657A2 single-mode fibers and Dca-s2,d0,a1 Euroclass
  • Equipped with 2 Simplex Single-Mode "SC/APC" female-to-"SC/APC" female adapters (with self-locking cover)
  • Multi-anchoring system: DIN rail, wall or outlet
  • Single direction of rotation of the fibers inside (which facilitates installation)
  • Identifying label
  • 6 inputs, pre-cut on its sides, for FO access
  • Back input for FO and SC connector
  • Pre-cut input at the bottom, for access to a distribution frame (SC/APC)
  • Equipped with: 2 heat-shrink sleeves, 2 cable ties, installation screws
  • 100% european quality: manufactured by Televes in Spain

Number of fibers2
Number of inputs8
Closure typeCover
Front door locking systemScrew
Type of connectionsConnector and fusion splice
Installation typeWall / Ceiling
Protection index (IP)30
Protection index (IK)7
Fiber core typeSingle-mode (ITU-T-G.657A2)
Euroclass: Smoke Productions2
Euroclass: Flaming dropletsd2
Euroclass: Aciditya2
Fiber core diameterμm125
Fiber cladding diameterμm250
Coating buffer diameterμm900
Cable structureLoose tube
Outer sheath Diametermm3.5
Outer sheath MaterialLSFH
Blocking jellyNo
Attenuation 1310nm MaxdB/km0.4
Attenuation 1550nm MaxdB/km0.3
Attenuation 1490nm MaxdB/km0.3
Return losses MindB60
Short tensionN500
Long tensionN500
Structure reinforcement elementAramid fibers
Short crush (@100mm)N500
Long crush (@100mm)N500
Minimum bending radiusmm17.5
Operating temperature°C -20 ... 70

Mounting details

  1. Select the most suitable entry for the fibre optic hose, maintaining a smoothly curved fibre path.
  2. Cut in the cover the appropriate tab to the used entry.
  3. Fit the fibre to the PAU, fix it with cable ties at the anchor points and connect it to the adapters.
  4. Fix the PAU either to the wall, using the screws supplied, or to DIN by removing the pre-cut tabs on the cover.