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Santiago Rey appointed General Director of Televes Corporation

Santiago de Compostela, 30th May 2012. Televes Corporation announces the appointment of Santiago Rey as General Director.

Rey accepts the challenge to promote the synergies among the companies that form part of Televes Corporation, reinforcing the focus on the group, market orientation and global vision in order to achieve the efficient synchronisation of all the Corporation’s resources.

Santiago Rey holds a degree in Physics from the University of Santiago de Compostela and started his professional telecommunications career in Televes, when he joined the company’s Quality Management department in 1988. Since then his responsibilities have evolved through Production, R&D, Special Projects and Management areas, giving him profound insite and knowledge of the company’s culture.

In his final stage before being appointed general director of the Corporation, Rey was Managing Director of TRedess, the Corporation’s subsidiary specialising in the design, development and manufacture of broadcasting equipment for digital terrestrial television (DTT), consolidating the company as a benchmark in the deployment of this technology in Spain and France, among other countries.

A multinational structure

Made up of twenty technological and industrial companies, Televes Corporation’s annual turnover has been stable around 200 million Euros. The corporation operates in all five continents and exports technology to over a hundred countries.

Televes Corporation is inspired by the values of innovation by means of development, which means the company is an international benchmark in a technologically intensive and highly competitive sector. Quality is the distinctive hallmark that the market recognises and identifies with Televes; commitment to customers who are permanently supported and trained by the company in new technologies; excellence in human resources, and a commitment to sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

Televes Corporation currently deploys production facilities in Spain and Portugal, and has subsidiaries established in eight countries, which are the driving force behind research into new opportunities and markets. They will now reinforce all the technologies available within Televes Corporation, such as broadcast and gapfiller equipment provided by TRedess, advanced television services and IPTV platforms by Arantia, development of measuring solutions by Gsertel and other value added solutions provided by key companies within the Corporation, such as Gamelsa, GCE, Ladetel, Gainsa and ISF, that focus in industrial, mechanical, electronics and test certification activities.