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Televes launches new equipment to provide telecommunications services to the home via fibre optics

Televes continues to develop its commitment to fibre optics as the ideal solution to provide homes with telecommunications services. The company has launched a high-power emitter and receiver belonging to the range of modules for the T.0X distribution headend, and an indoor adapter for homes.

The T.0X fibre-optic emitter and receiver modules are highly energy efficient, they have a capacity to optimise the quality parameters of the optical transmission and the monitoring of the signal issued and received, which also has alarm activation. They are integrated in a series of devices (T.0X) that are extremely well accepted among professionals worldwide due to their high performance and high manufacturing quality.

For its part, the domestic fibre-optic adapter is a plug & play device that transforms the optical input signal into a stable and reliable radiofrequency signal, by automatically regulating the necessary gain. Its small size means it can be easily installed. It incorporates a high-performance and low-consumption switched-mode power supply.

Both products are the result of Televes’ innovative capacity and are manufactured by the company at their own facilities, equipped with robotised production lines, which guarantee the highest quality standards and reliability.

NP100 Project

The launching of the T.0X fibre-optic emitter and receiver and the indoor adapter forms part of the NP100 plan, the project promoted by Televes Corporation to launch a hundred new products in 18 months. This initiative started up in January 2011 and aims to reinforce the company’s leadership by winning market share, boosting internationalisation and motivating the whole human team.


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