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Televes will present its most innovative side at ANGA Cable 2012

Santiago de Compostela, 5th June 2012. For another year running, Televes will be a major feature at the ANGA Cable Trade Fair, the true European reference for the Telecommunications Sector.

This year, the sector will focus on the evolution of the LTE deployment for the digital dividend, the process for the relocation of high frequencies of DTT channels that must be cleared to facilitate the deployment of the 4G network. In its awareness of the importance of this process, Televes will present at ANGA Cable its position regarding this technological challenge and will display products specially designed to filter 4G signals and guarantee the optimum distribution of the digital terrestrial television signal.

In addition, the company will also present important new product developments that confirm its capacity to be in the technological vanguard, offering value added solutions to professionals.

One of the most important new developments that will be displayed at the Televes stand is the H60 field strength meter, the evolution of the H45 range, which set a milestone by becoming the first portable field strength meter to incorporate digital processing. The H60 maintains the precision and flexibility of its predecessor and incorporates important advances, such as the extension of the spectrum analyser and measurements up to 3.3 GHz, the TILT function for network attenuation measurements in frequency and channel, advanced DVB-T2 measurements and a 5.7" screen with the best resolution and contrast. All of these improvements are aimed at making the telecommunications installers' work easier and more precise.

The company will also launch its new line of multiswitches and amplifiers using the EasyF conection. The EasySwitch units are configured using jumpers for different building locations, unifying all scenarios in a single product reference. The amplifier deploys de ECOmode feature, which sets the unit in standby mode, only feeding the network and LNBs when the user changes channel, making it one of the most power efficient units of its kind.

Also in display, the emphasis on the novel electric circuit of the Picokom amplifier, which is considerably smaller to facilitate its installation inside access boxes in homes.

Another of the new developments that will be on display at the Televes stand will be the Coax Data optical interface prototype, with a real transmission speed of 1 Gbps. Coax Data is a hybrid adapter that allows the connection of PCs with high speed Internet access, TV channels and audiovisual and entertainment equipment using electrical and coaxial networks, without the need for additional wiring.
The company will also present solutions for the distribution and presentation of 3DTV services, via the coaxial network, like IPTV, using the DVB-C2 modules in the new T.0X headends. Available personnel at the stand will explain the remuxing capabilities of the T.0X.

Along the lines established in the successful 2011 edition, Televes will also present on its stand specific solutions for the German market, which has growing importance in the multinational structure of Televes Corporation. This way, at ANGA Cable 2012 it will exhibit the QSD range of high-quality parabolas, which stand out due to their meticulous hot galvanising process to guarantee maximum reliability and durability, and the MicroKom amplifier, specifically designed for the CATV operator.

AngaCable 2012 will count with the presence of Arantia IPTV distribution solutions. Arantia is a subsidiary company of the Televes Corporation, focused and specialised in the deployment of value added interactive television services.