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The European Commissioner for Regional Policy visits Televes in Spain

Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, visited Televes headquarters yesterday and received a guided tour of the fully automated manufacturing line that Televes has deployed for the production of their range of DTT antennas, which received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Commissioner was accompanied by Carmen Vela, Spanish Secretary of State for Research and Development; Elena Muñoz, Revenue Services Regional Minister, and Francisco Conde, Industry and Economic Regional Minister. The group was conducted throughout the facilities by Santiago Rey, Televes General Manager; José Luis Fernández Carnero, Director of Strategic Planning, and Sergio Martin, Communications Manager.

During the visit, Santiago Rey stressed the importance of ERDF funds to companies like Televes, which is positioned differentially from their competition because of the high degree of technological and industrial investments used in their products and solutions, which are fully manufactured in-house. During the past seven years, these funds have enabled the company to mobilise about 50 million euros of investment and have driven for the development of significant projects.

The comissioner witnessed first hand the robotised assembly line, including packing and palletising of the DAT HD BOSS antenna, a product that has revolutionised how Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signals are received and distributed by implementing a patented device that automatically balances the output signal, ensuring high quality reception even in areas with coverage problems .

Also, with the assistance of Interconnecta funded projects, Televes develops information technologies aligned with the European strategy Horizon 2020. This is the case of services that the company will deploy for the Digital Home, the Intelligent Building and Services for the Assisted Home and Sociomedical Teleprevention.

About the Company

Televes is a leading global company focusing on the design, development and manufacture of systems and products associated with telecommunications services for the home, and specialising in reception and broadcast of television signals. The company’s headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where the company was founded in 1958. At present, Televes is the head of a Corporation formed by 20 subsidiaries (technological, industrial or commercial), near 700 employees and 53 invention patents. 

Televes has nine international subsidiaries in Portugal, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, UAE, China and U.S.A., and distributes its products to more than one hundred countries on five continents through an extensive network of distributors. Throughout its 55 years of experience, Televes has launched more than 1,500 different products, an achievement that is understood from the company´s real passion for manufacturing. The company produces at its own facilities to ensure the highest quality. To achieve this, it has been a pioneer in the implementation of automated robotised lines and has its own testing and quality control laboratories. Therefore, the brand’s products proudly display the "European Technology Made in Europe" stamp.