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RamĂłn Bescansa pointed out that TELEVES demonstrates that it is possible to compete in the international markets manufacturing and creating wealth in Spain

Santiago de Compostela, 23rd April 2009. Ramón Bescansa, chairman of TELEVES, pointed out that one of the key factors of the close relationship with the University is “their reality is based in the promotion of the knowledge, and the University is a synonym of it”. Bescansa delivered these words in a brief speech of gratitude after receiving the Fulget prize from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Santiago de Compostela. This is in recognition of the company’s collaboration with the University to improve relations between the academic and the professional world. The chairman of TELEVES also showed that one of the core beliefs of the company, inspired in its founders, is “the passion of doing things well”. “Televes has passion for producing”, Bescansa added. [...]
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