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About us


Three factors define our DNA:
Technological development, cutting-edge manufacturing, and the passion for quality.

Televes is much more than a leading firm in the television signal reception and distribution arena. It is the main brand within a group of companies that control several niche markets in the telecommunication infrastructures industry.

Televes Corporation groups more than 20 companies, all geared toward the common objective of designing and manufacturing the best equipments used to equip homes, buildings and cities with optimum telecommunication infrastructures.






R&D Investment







International Headquarters

Televes Corporation in the world



Televes evolution has always been driven by the innate determination to remain at the cutting edge of technology and provide the best products and solutions. The company’s journey started in 1958 as an antenna manufacturer, eventually consolidating as an international leader in the provision of solutions for the capture and distribution of radio and television signals. Soon the sector forced to focus the company’s technological knowledge on other complementary areas, such as DTT coverage extension, professional measuring equipment, or new technologies for the distribution of audio-visual services.

To achieve an efficient technological specialization, the creation of specific companies to serve these sectors in a customized manner was recommended. In 1989 the Televes Corporation concept was born, putting a secure business, finance and industrial environment to the service of companies that concentrated in specific technologies.

This never-ending technological specialization is our motivation for growth. We have recently taken a leap forward in diversification, with our positioning as service facilitators via the telecommunications infrastructures of buildings and homes, namely social and health care, safety and energy efficiency services. This technology lever also allows us the access to highly competitive and dynamic alternative sectors, such as aviation, automotive, or smart cities.

To this day, growth and multisector specialization have translated into a multinational Corporation consisting of 22 industrial and service firms.



A constantly evolving team

The focus on innovation is a part of the Televes Corporation DNA. Over 80% of our products were developed with proprietary technology, and we have over 200 international patent and utility model certificates. Over 60 engineers work at our Technology Centre, where our innovation resources are concentrated.


Cutting-edge technology

We have pioneered the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, such as Surface Mount Device systems (SMD) and automated lines, the main example of which is the launching of the TForce technology. (view video ). We are currently working on the implementation of the Industry 4.0 model. All this effort results in high productivity rates, which in turn allow us to maximize the competitiveness of our products and solutions.


A passion for detail

We have our own certification laboratory, unique in the industry, where we carry out multiple tests, from electromagnetic compatibility or electrical safety to temperature, wind or humidity tests. Our products and components undergo ageing tests under extreme environmental conditions to test for durability.


Human Resources

People expert in people

The result of a corporation is nothing but the natural outcome of the people working in it. We are, first and foremost, a team committed to its work, never satisfied with its achievements, and always wanting to go further. To do this, training, keeping up to date and promotion are essential.

After-sales Service

An enhanced experience

Clients give our work a meaning. We thus devote to them a wide technical support and after-sales service programme. We also develop intensive training programmes for the professionals in our sector that contribute to our brand being a leader.

Made in Televes

European technology manufactured in Europe

Manufacturing in our own premises is one of our key differentiators versus competitors. The factory is for us a true vocation. Moreover, we have the conviction that the development of the whole product process at home provides markets with both quality and an agile turnaround.

Sustainable development

Committed to the environment

Televes Corporation has a long tradition and thinks of the future. We go for technologies and processes increasingly clean and efficient, that allow us to combine a job-creating business activity and the respect and care for the environment.