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RF Amplifier

Multiband amplifier with high amplification power for the signals processed in T.0X headends.
Ref. 5575
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EAN13: 8424450139288
Main features
  • Low second and third order distortion, which provide a high output voltage (typical values around 126 dBμV)
  • Equipped with two signal inputs, which allow the mixing of the channels of its own headend with channels coming from other sources
  • Equipped with a test output

Frequency range MHz 47...1006
Return losses dB > 10
Impedance Ω 75
Frequency range MHz 47...1006
Gain dB 44 ± 2,5
Max. output level DIN45004B dBμV
126 (66)
42 CH Cenelec
  • 112 (52)
  • Gain regulation dB 0 - 20
    Return losses > 10
    Impedance Ω 75
    GENERAL Powering voltage Vdc 24
    Consumption (max.) mA 450
    Protection index
    IP 20
    Operating temperature
    ºC 0...45

    In some cases, the transmodulation of specific satellite channels into COFDM will probably not be enough; this is why the option is available to add the IF of a satellite polarity to the COFDM signal flow. Furthermore, that signal flow may be transmitted over optical fibre by means of an appropriate low-loss optical transmitter, thus allowing to reach longer distances.

    How can I add an IF signal to a DTT-only T.0X processing headend and transmit it through an optical fibre to distant spots?

    1. T.0X processing headends (DVB/S2-COFDM and DVB-T/COFDM transmodulators, encoders/modulators, amplifier, etc.).

    2. MiniKom amplifier ref. 5363 (Art. No. EV45).

    3. SMATV optical transmitter ref. 238201 (Art. No. OMS1310).

    4. SMATV optical receiver ref. 2311 (Art. No. OE1216)

    Block diagram