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H30 Series

Field strength meters H30 Series

Meter from H30 series: How to choose the most convenient model?

The H30 series consists of different customizable multistandard meters, all of them designed to carry out installation, maintenance and monitoring of telecommunications networks. Each model stands out for offering new functionalities, while preserving all the advantages of the previous model.
Through the following comparative table, it is possible to choose the most suitable meter model for each professional:

Multi-standard customizable   OK OK OK
Frequency range Return P.: 5-50 MHz X X OK
Terrestrial: 50-880 MHz OK OK OK
Satellite: 250-2400 MHz OK (up to 2200MHz) OK OK
Screen   2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color 2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color 2.8” TFT 400 x 240 full color
Multi-screen with touch control on mobile device   X OK OK
Smartphone armband   X OK OK
2,4 / 5GHz WiFi connectivity   X OK OK
WiFi analyzator   X OK(*) OK(*)
Bluetooth connectivity   X OK OK
Ethernet interface   OK OK OK
USB interface   USB (A-type) USB (A-type) USB (A-type)
Optical measures   X X OK
Guided satellite pointing   X OK OK
IPTV analyzator   X OK(*) OK(*)
LNB Wideband compatible   X OK OK
HEVC displaying on the meter X X OK(*)
on the mobile device X OK(*) OK(*)
Terrestrial input level to 120dBμV   OK(**) OK(**) OK(**)
dCSS compatible   OK(**) OK(**) OK(**)
Management interface access (datalogs, channel plan...)   Cable Ethernet Wireless (WiFi/Bluetooth) Ethernet cable Wireless (WiFi/Bluetooth) Ethernet cable
Dimensions   175x100x52 mm 175x100x52 mm 175x100x52 mm
Weight   510 g. 510 g. 550 g.
Color   Black & White Black & Grey Light & dark grey

* According to reference
** Free activation of the options with the meter registration


Multi standard customizable handheld meter: the standard you need in a single equipment


Multi standard customizable handheld meter with all the functionalities of the previous models, and also fiber optics