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Ellipse Series

Intelligent (with BOSSTech) Ellipse Series

TForce technology:

Televes transitions from the traditional silicon era into a new era of electronic component design, allowing integrated circuits to be precisely manufactured for microwave frequency bands. Utilizing “State of the Art” MMIC technology TForce is manufactured using semiconductor compounds such as gallium arsenide (GaAs), providing the resulting products with unparalleled features and performance

Televes has reinvented the antenna concept. Until now, an antenna was just the reception component of a TV installation in which gain and directivity were the main features. The introduction of a smart device like BOSS provides the antenna with the capacity to receive very weak signals without the risk of being affected by very strong signals, the result is a dynamic balance between weak and strong signals that provides optimum signal levels at all times: the "dynamic range" concept turns out to be the most outstanding among quality parameters.

The creation of TForce with BOSS technology using MMIC components is an extraordinary milestone in the optimization of the dynamic range. The technology that allowed the reception of lost signals from distant satellites is now allowing the enhancement of the coverage range in DTT installations.


The best antenna for range of DTT coverage

  • Capable of adapting to ever-changing conditions for signal reception
  • First (LTE790) or second (LTE700) digital dividend ready

Ellipse Mix

Mixed UHF and VHF intelligent reception

  • Combined reception when VHF elements (dipoles and reflectors) are added to the UHF antenna
  • Capable of adapting to ever-changing conditions for signal reception