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PRO easyF

Connectors (75 Ohm) PRO easyF

Professional EasyF connectors

The new PROEasyF connectors guarantees A+ shielding and it eases the connection thanks to a single clamping screw that ensures a pressure on the inner conductor much more effective than the connection provided by the fitting of compression connectors.
Made of Zamak-5 with zinc coating, it provides an extraordinary durability, as proven by countless installations where PRO connectors from previous generations were used.

The contribution of the coaxial cable characteristics to the installation will depend on the quality of the connector and its mounting.
Using a high-shielding cable is not enough, if the connector does not measure up.
EasyF connectors are the most effective and efficient in the market.
One of the best advantages of the EasyF connector is the fast connection.
Furthermore, no special tools are required to achieve a higher level of shielding than the one provided by compression connectors.

The advantages at a glance

Easy and quick mounting:

  • Single securing screw
  • Always visible connection
  • Without male unions
  • Without removable parts

Secure connection:

  • Its use saves installation time and cost
  • Ensures the connection is reliable and there is no need for further revisions
  • The installer will feel that in case of failure it would not be connector related

Electrically perfect:

  • Fully automated manufacturing
  • Full shielding that avoids undesirable effects on DTT reception
  • Perfect adaptation to the distribution network equipment
  • The perfect connector to use with the Digital Dividend thanks to its performance and quality

The professional connector

  • Convenient: hinged lid and lid captive screw
  • Easy: the cable inner conductor is guided through a slot in a plastic stop
  • Secure: jagged rows ensure the perfect clamping of the cable sheath
  • Simple: a single screw to clamp the whole set
  • Class A+: extra shielding foil
  • Compact: no free parts to be stored while the connection is carried out
  • Made of Zamak: processed using zinc coating, double chromium plating, and RCP

IEC type

Also known as "9.52" (Ø)

  • To be installed on coaxial cable
  • Compatible with the whole TV band, despite being usually associated with terrestrial
  • The connection may be either male or female

“Quick F” type

Type F connection but quick installation; in other words, without screwing

  • To be installed on coaxial cable
  • Compatible with the whole TV band, despite being usually associated with satellite
  • F connection, but without screw thread (quick)
  • The connection is always male