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Octo Analogue Modulator PAL B/G for VHF/UHF

Octo Analogue Modulator PAL B/G for VHF/UHF

VHF/UHF modulator Custom analogue channel generation

VHF/UHF modulator Custom analogue channel generation

Octo Analog Modulator NTSC M-N for CATV

8-channel generator in NTSC M-N format from 8 Audio/Video sources. The device includes an RF input in loop mode, so the signal can be mixed with other modulators signals or with the DTT network.

An easy and compact solution for collective facilities not migrated to DTT and with analog televisions still working, as it can be for example elderly people residences.

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Ref. 585981
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EAN13: 8424450271605
  • Avoid huge costs in the digital adaptation of analog televisions
  • Easy to configure using Android App or with an universal programmer
  • Includes LED indicators to monitor equipment operation
  • Possibility of mixing digital and analog signals under the same distribution
  • Compact and light-weight product: can be wall or rack mounted
  • Zamak chassis provides high screening effect

Main features
  • Compact equipment with 8 frequency-agile NTSC modulators
  • Mixing of multiple units is allowed with the RF loop input
  • Audio carrier level regulation
  • 54 dBmV output level
  • A/V input and “F” output connectors
  • Device programming via USB OTG connection (cable included)

Norm | Vc-Ac NTSC M-N
CATV channels selection
CH 7 - 13
17 - 24
63 - 135
RF output level (8Ch) dBmV 54
Attenuation range (1Ch) dB 10
Attenuation range (8Ch) dB 30
RF loop frequency range
MHz 100 - 862
Video Vpp 1 (s/75ohm)
Audio Hz 50 - 15000
Power V~
Consumption W 10
Max. current
mA 200
Operating temperature
ºF 23 ... 113
Protection index
IP 20