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Televes Corporation reaches 3,000,000 microchips launched to market, and positions itself at the vanguard of microelectronics in Europe

Televes Press Release

TForce microchip designed and mounted in Televes facilities in Spain

TForce technology marks a milestone and proves the tech group´s capacity as a key player in the future of microelectronics in technological sectors such as Defense, aeronautics and automotive.

Santiago de Compostela and Campinas, November 30th, 2021 - In the midst of the global component supply crisis, Televes Corporation announces an important milestone by launching its three millionth microchip to the market. And coinciding with this milestone, one of the key firms within the corporation, Maxwell Applied Technologies, also announces that it is already working on the next generation of integrated circuits, based on gallium nitride, opening a new line of infinite possibilities in the field of radio frequency for other highly technological sectors.

Since 2010, in the midst of the analogue television swith-off in Spain, Televes had the vision of overcoming the limitations that silicon microchips posed for the field of radio frequency. An intense work began to design integrated circuits with MMIC technology (MonolithicMicrowave Integrated Circuits), including a complex industrial process of adaptation to the company's manufacturing lines, which gave name to Televes TForce technology The investment and commitment to this technology, once expensive and risky, now places the Spanish tech group, based in Santiago de Compostela, at the forefront of microelectronics.

This process has meant for years the redesign of its assembly lines, making a great effort on the part of the industrial engineering and manufacturing departments to achieve manufacturing processes that are require very particular environment conditions for success.

In the words of Televes Corporation´s CEO, Santiago Rey “Thanks to TForce components, Televes Corporation companies can create a custom functional puzzle for their equipment designs, which also achieve market performance that is difficult to match. Being able to manufacture products using MMIC technology is within the reach of very few, and Televes has positioned itself in the market as synonym of avant-garde and quality. TForce means more investment for the future, a future in which we optimistically contemplate being relevant actors in high-tech sectors such as Defense, aeronautics and automotive, among others”, he assures.

Ana Peláez, technical director of Maxwell Applied Technologies explains “since we started the design and assembly process of the TForce component, we knew that we were facing a special challenge, due to the complexity of its design and the high degree of miniaturization required, demanding precision that is measured in microns. We are proud to know that this technology is the future of the companies that make up Televes Corporation. Europe is immersed in an incipient and ambitious process with the aim of aspiring to compete in the new industrial revolution and to achieve full technological sovereignty. Microelectronics will be a strategic pillar in this process”, she concludes