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Antena Ellipse Mix High-VHF/UHF (Repack Ready)

Intelligence taken to the limit

Ellipse Mix is an advanced over the air TV antenna that automatically adapts its gain in real time to optimize the reception of television signals, ensuring the optimum level of signal is delivered at all times. This latest repack-ready version has been completely redesigned from the ground up for the new US broadcast frequencies, filtering any interfering 5G signals above 608MHz, and providing independent amplification for the VHF and UHF bands.

The antenna is able to receive very weak signals while at the same time avoiding overload caused by very strong signals. The Ellipse Mix is a high gain directional antenna designed to offer stable and high quality reception of High VHF and UHF only (RF channels 7-36) in mid to long-range receiving scenarios despite continuous changes in weather and transmitting conditions thanks to its exclusive and intelligent built-in TForce amplifier. The Televes proprietary triple boom design ensures maximum raw gain in a compact and install friendly form factor suitable for outdoor or attic install. No additional preamplifier purchase is required as the antenna includes a best-in-class very low-noise TForce preamplifier built in right at the dipole with automatic gain control, plus FM and cellphone signal filtering adapting to any installation situation.

A low-consumption UL-listed power supply is included providing two outputs for convenient distribution to additional TV sets. Not only do industry experts rave about the Ellipse Mix exceptional performance but also the unparalleled manufacturing quality using only the finest materials (aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic) ensuring years of trouble free operation in the most challenging environments. It ships in an eco-friendly compact package and assembles in less than 60 seconds. The Ellipse Mix is your best option for a compact high gain TV antenna with uncompromising performance.

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EAN13: 8424450230060
  • The antenna has been completely redesigned for reception of TV signals on RF channels 7-36
  • Crystal clear TV reception enabled by a built-in T-Force preamplifier that automatically adjusts its gain independently for VHF and UHF signals for an optimum no-compromise performance
  • Elegant cutting edge design built strong to withstand the harshest elements
  • FM and LTE/5G filtering eliminates radio and cellular phone interference
  • Designed as a compact easy to install product for professionals and consumers alike (38.8 x 34 x 27 in)
  • Unlike most other antennas the preamplifier, power supply and LTE/5G filter are included making Ellipse your best value
  • Built-in TForce preamplifier continuously analyzes TV signals received by the antenna to provide the optimum gain and delivered signal level at all times. Based on proprietary MMIC technology exclusive to Televes offering unparalleled performance
  • In the event of power failure, the Ellipse Mix will continue to work in passive mode, bypassing the built-in antenna electronics. The antenna can operate in active (amp turned on) or passive mode (amp turned off)
  • Made in Europe: Manufactured in a fully automated production and verification line that ensures the highest level of performance guarantee

Main features
  • Extremely lightweight and compact: it makes installation in challenging locations easier and offers lower wind resistance
  • The highest dynamic range: it allows the reception of a quality signal in a variety of situations, detecting very weak signals and avoiding overload with high reception levels
  • Optimal C/N: the signal quality is always preserved thanks to a very low noise figure
  • Optimal gain: intelligence autoadjusts the gain to the optimal level
  • Special double-U dipole: it's open/close format provides optimal frequency response flatness
  • A fully shielded switch box protects the BOSS system from impulsive noise; grounded for full protection against electrical discharge
  • Low consumption in intelligent mode
  • Made in Europe: Manufactured in a fully automated production and verification line that ensures the highest level of performance guarantee


TForce technology:

Televes transitions from the traditional silicon era into a new era of electronic component design, allowing integrated circuits to be precisely manufactured for microwave frequency bands. Utilizing “State of the Art” MMIC technology TForce is manufactured using semiconductor compounds such as gallium arsenide (GaAs), providing the resulting products with unparalleled features and performance

Televes has reinvented the antenna concept. Until now, an antenna was just the reception component of a TV installation in which gain and directivity were the main features. The introduction of a smart device like BOSS provides the antenna with the capacity to receive very weak signals without the risk of being affected by very strong signals, the result is a dynamic balance between weak and strong signals that provides optimum signal levels at all times: the "dynamic range" concept turns out to be the most outstanding among quality parameters.

The creation of TForce with BOSS technology using MMIC components is an extraordinary milestone in the optimization of the dynamic range. The technology that allowed the reception of lost signals from distant satellites is now allowing the enhancement of the coverage range in DTT installations.

Frequency rangeMHz
174 ... 216470 ... 608
7 ... 1314 ... 36
BOSS mode
36.5 7 40 12
Output level
Auto*1-- Auto*2--
Signal level of use
< 15-- < 15--
12 --12 --
Max. current
70 --70 --
58 40
F/B ratiodB
-- > 20
Wind load (@130Km/h)N96
Wind load (@150Km/h)N132

*1 The gain is automatically adjusted according to the level of output.

*2 The gain is automatically adjusted according to the level of output.

Radiation pattern

Frequency response

Ellipse -Intelligence taken to the limit

Ellipse - Always receives the best DTT signal

Ellipse MIX - Mounting the aerial will take you less than 60 seconds

TELEVES ELLIPSE MIX – Unboxing, Assembly and Installation