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FO kit with professional fusion splicer Electric arc fusion

Professional fusion splicer equipped with six alignment engines to work on the different axes, capable of performing an optical fiber fusion in 9 seconds. Furthermore, fusion is automatically started with the cover closure. It also allows the fusion of pre-configured connectors, thus connectorizing the fiber.
Desing optimized to work in any environment, even in the most stringent conditions. Besides, it prevents dust form entering the fusion area, thus ensuring an usurpassable quality of the overall procedure.
The menu-based user interface is easy and intuitive.
The highly-resistant ABS case containing the kit has a second function besides transportation: thanks to its grooved design it can be used as a working table, making it possible to work virtually anywhere. The following accessories are also included:
  • Fiber cleaver with removable pick-up feature (cutting blade specified for 16,000 cuts)
  • Precision fiber stripper (pre-set for 250μm and 900μm)
  • Isopropyl alcohol tank
  • Plastic clamp
  • Mount for fiber protection cooling
  • Set of spare electrodes (2 items)
  • Case and fusion splicer straps
  • Regular and lighter-type chargers with USB connector allowing the recharge of other devices (5V,2A)
  • User-removable lithium battery
  • EU and US plugs
Ref. 232105
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EAN13: 8424450205464
  • Light-weight, reduced-dimensions professional fusion splicer (1,5Kg w/o battery)
  • The bumper protector made of high-density rubber provides a high impact resistance
  • Endures high wind speeds and other stringent environmental conditions
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Mirrorless fiber detection technology, which improves lens protection and optimizes maintenance as mirrors no longer have to be cleaned
  • Fusion quality verification by means of a traction procedure followed by the calculation of optical losses
  • The cutting angles are measured to detect a poorly set cleaver
  • Detects errors in the fiber - usually due to dirt - prior to the fusion taking place
  • Double LED that eases the work in dark areas
  • Huge range of SW languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish

Main features
  • Core-based fiber alignment
  • 360º protection: dust, water, and shock proof
  • Discharge self-calibration based on altitude and atmospheric pressure
  • Zoom automatically increased (x2) when the fibers are seen on the screen, allowing the core adjustment to be seen more precisely
  • Calibration option based on the tupe of the fiber being used
  • Automatic oven activation upon tube insertion
  • Each of the six high-precision engines is equipped with the stepper motor operation mode, with a permanent magnet and gearbox for maximum precision
  • Temperature sensor activated cooling system
  • Equipment automatic self-check option
  • Configurable ECO mode (auto shut down and stand-by)
  • Datalog for fusion data export, without any external software installation
  • Up to 250 fusions/bakings with a single battery charge
  • Two independent connectors (battery and splicer), possibility of working w/o the battery connected
  • Extraction battery special button that avoids accidental extractions
  • Horizontal 4.3" LCD screen. Solid plastic protector included, compatible with the rubber band protector

Average loss per splice
dB 0.02 @ Single Mode fiber (SM)
0.01 @ Multi Mode fiber (MM)
0.04 @ DS fiber and NZDS fiber
0.02 @ BIF fiber and UBIF fiber
Average time per splice s 9 / 7 (fast mode)
Average time for the heat-shrink sleeve heating s 19
Fusion programmes 100
90 free and 10 factory pre-defined
Heating programmes 100
96 free and 4 factory pre-defined
Fiber alignment Core alignment and cladding alignment in three axis X-Y-Z
Languages English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish
Screen High performance 4.3” LCD
Lens magnification
X-Axis + Y-Axis = 180
X-Axis or Y-Axis = 360
Electrodes life uses 3000 (aprox.)
6000 (with spare)
Max. result record 10000
Mini USB Updates and records download
Mains voltage Vac 100 - 240
Mains frequency Hz 50 / 60
Battery Li-ION (11.1V and 7800mAh)
Charging battery duration
cycle 300 aprox. (splicing and heating)
Operating range
Operating temperature ºC / ºF -20 ... +55 / -4 ... +131
Relative humidity % < 95
Altitude m 0 - 5000

How to perform a complete splice process with an electric-arc fusion splicer