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Cleaning tape for fiber connectors

Cleaning tape for fiber connectors

Optical fiber cleaver

Cleaver capable of performing a precision cutting of the fiber (90º) for a perfect fusion (0.1 dB loss). Suitable for both single-mode and multimode fibers, it is equipped with guiding grooves for fiber positioning for 250 μm and 900 μm fibers with 3 mm external protection. Equipped with a container for fiber waste.
Provided with a protective carrying bag.
Ref. 232301
Product Sheet
EAN13: 8424450187968
  • Equipped with a magnet slider for the blade, which prevents the premature wearing of tool
  • Eases up the procedure thanks to the assisted opening of the cleaver
  • High-precision cleaving for the 125-micron fiber diameter (90º)
  • Equipped with a container to pick-up the fiber waste upon cleaving, thus ensuring operator's safety

Main features
  • Optimized for fibers with 250 μm and 900 μm protection, and fibers with 3 mm external protection
  • Cleaving adjustment from 5 mm to 20 mm
  • Blade working life higher than 16,000 cuts

Physical data

Net weight: 440 g

Gross weight: 440 g


Box 1 pcs.

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tlv_ean 8424450187968
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tlv_gross_weight 440
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tlv_net_weight 440
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