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19"-Rack ring Installation for multiple T12/T.0X modules

Frame for module installation in racks.
Ref. 5301
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EAN13: 8424450053010
Main features
  • Built in 2.5 mm-thick steel sheet
  • Matt epoxy-paint finish, 80-micron thick
  • Equipped with two nickel-plated steel strips
  • Capacity for 1 power supply, and 7 T.0X or 10 T12 modules

The effect of the lines moving vertically across the TV screen could be caused by the T05 headend not being grounded correctly. To avoid this, proceed to: Either mounting the modules on the appropriate connection strip (ref. 5071) Or screwing the modules to the sub-rack (5301, 5306)
The dimension of the modules of a rack is stated in "heights". One "height" is equivalent to 43.5 mm. For example, a 19" sub-rack ", ref. 5301, is 5 "heights" (217.5 mm).

Thanks to these measures and graphics, you will be able to know how many modules you can fit in each cabinet or frame. Televes uses standard dimensions in order to make installation easier for our technicians. These dimensions are taken from a Eurocard (standard European format for PCB). Vertically, we find the U (Unit Rack) equivalent to 1.75 inches (44.45 mm), horizontally we have the HP (Horizontal Pitch), equivalent to 0.2 inches (5.08 mm).

Below you will find the dimensions of the main modules in our headend series.

Supports and Cabinets HP
5301 19’’ Rack frame 84
567201 19’’ Wall support 54
5072 Lockable Cabinet 498mm 84
5069 Lockable Cabinet 648mm 112
5235 Lockable Cabinet 948mm 168

Equipment dimensions’ list




Power Supply Unit (T.0X/T.12) 14
- T.0X (Transmodulators, CDC,... normal chassis equipment) 10
- T.12 7
5673 T.0X Blank Plate 10
507312 T.12/T.05 Blank Plate 7

Optical fibre HP
234220 T.0X EDFA 14



T.0X Splitter 2D/4D 10
T.0X Splitter 8D/16D/32D 18
234228 T.0X EDFA 1E/8S 22