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Hotspot Server Gateway 4xGbE

Hotspot Server Gateway 4xGbE

DataBox Management and Monitoring of network devices

All the network infrastructure, under control

This device is designed for the management and monitoring of network project devices, as headends, switches, routers, ONTs, in addition to the WaveData series and CoaxData series, among others.
It is indicated for its application in private and public networks as companies, hotels or campsites.
It includes a graphical interface web that gives access to its different functionalities.

Ref. 768801
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EAN13: 8424450212448
  • Centralized monitoring on a single platform: detailed and real-time information on connected devices
  • It allows rapid detection of failures and errors in the network
  • SNMP protocol integrated
  • Logs and statistics consultation
  • Bridging mode
  • Indicated for Point-Multipoint GPON networks and Point-to-Point 1000Base-X networks
  • Alert management
  • 4x 1 GbE interfaces included
  • User friendly web interface
  • LED indicators
  • Software based on Ubuntu Server
  • 19" 1U Rack mount

CPU speedGHz2
RAM typeDDR3
Number of HDD2.0000
HDD capacityGB64
USB portUSB 2.0
Number of USB ports2
Display portVGA
COM portSerial console
Input voltageVac 100 ... 240
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Output voltageVdc12
PSU input voltageVac 100 ... 240
Operating temperature°F 23 ... 113

* The equipment can only be powered by one power source. External power supply not included.

Centralized network monitoring

Based on SNMP integration

This easy installation and configuration tool is oriented to supervise the network performing, find and resolve problems, as well as network planning growth(*).

Among its characteristics, we can highlight:

  • Flexible alert system
  • Installation on a Linux-based OS (LibreNMS)
  • Intuitive addition and removal of network devices
  • Simple management that does not overload the network
  • Manager-Agent architecture

(*) Devices to be managed and monitored must include an SNMP agent to exchange data with the network management system.

Device management

Visualization of running processes and installed packages

This functionality is integrated in the DataBox device. With it, it is possible to see device initial information and manage the equipment, which will act as a management station. This Linux-based management server allows the managers to keep track of running processes and all details about installed packages, manage system log files, modify network interface configuration files, add firewall rules, set disk space monitoring, setting backup copy... all the actions for proper network performing.

Detailed inquiries

Logs and statistics management

Thanks to this tool, managers can consult message resume, reports and functioning network statistics at any time. To access this functionality, it is necessary to open a web browser and use the host's IP address to obtain the starting DataBox web page.

Massive provisioning

WaveData and Coaxdata series configuration

With DataBox it is possible the massive configuration of WaveData and CoaxData devices, without complications or overloads. In addition, it helps managers to save considerable time when configuring the network and the associated devices.