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Video On Demand Server Up to 20 streams, 1TB storage

Video On Demand Server Up to 20 streams, 1TB storage

Video On Demand Server Up to 95 streams, 1TB storage

High performance Video On Demand Server (VOD) that enables the broadcasting of video streams into the network, providing applications and video on-demand in a reliable, flexible and scalable way.
It supports up to 95 concurrent streams with an available storage for multimedia contents of 1 TB. In addition, it includes 4 HDD with RAID 5 technology, which allows the data recovery in case of failure of one of the disks, as well as faster content delivery.
Ref. 83031203
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EAN13: 8424450167861
  • On-demand audiovisual content
  • Intuitive management tool
  • Easy integration into Arantia TV system
  • This VOD service is approved by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., on-demand content provider from the most relevant film studios around the world
  • Up to 95 concurrent streams supported
  • 4 SAS HDD of 600 GB with RAID5 technology integrated: distributed system with parity that uses multiple hard drives grouped together to form a single disc drive, allowing the data recovery if one drive fails. In addition, it provides a better writing performance, which implies faster content delivery
  • Up to 1 TB of content storage, which is equivalent to approximately 250 movies or 500 hours of HD video
  • Device status LEDs
  • 19" rack compatible 1U height

CPU speedGHz3.4
Number of HDD4
HDD capacityGB600
Storage capacityTB1
Number of Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000BaseT)2
Number of connectors RJ452
Number of dedicated RJ45 IPMI connectors1
Input voltageVac 100 ... 240
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Operating temperature°F 41 ... 95
Relative humidity% 8 ... 90

On-demand audiovisual content

Would you like to offer a more complete and higher quality service to the guests so that they can feel like home? Thanks to the VOD system, you can transform the hotel in a supplier of on-demand audiovisual content.
With this service, each television installed in the guest rooms becomes a content library accessible at any time.

Content library

The VOD service includes a simple and easy-to-use audiovisual content library. Through its friendly interface, the guests will be able to visualize the  information associated to each video: title, poster, description, length or the trailer of the video.
Thanks to its storage up to 1TB, it is possible to add up to 250 movies or 500 hours of video to the catalog (approximately).
This system has the approval of Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., a relevant on-demand content supplier from the most important film entertainment companies around the world.

Local or offshoring management

The system can be controlled in two ways: locally or externally.
With a local management, the hotel managers can control and upload the audiovisual content from ArantiaVOD tool.
On the other hand, external providers can upload content by connecting to the ArantiaVOD tool through an automated protocol.

An untethered experience

It is possible to directly offer entertainment services to the guests without asking for sensitive data or bank information. They will enjoy a barrier-free entertaining experience that will make them feel like home.
For a more flexible experience, the VOD servers can keep the guest session open so that if he/she leaves a movie unfinished, he/she can return to the session at any time.

Easy integration into Arantia TV system

The VOD service can be easily integrated into Arantia TV system, without the need for extensive wiring. Thanks to its scalability, a cluster of VOD servers enables to design a VOD distribution platform according to the characteristics of the network and the number of users.