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Alarm Monitor Device Arantia TV integration with NO/NC alarm systems

Alarm Monitor Device Arantia TV integration with NO/NC alarm systems

PMS interface license (ArantiaCast server needed)

PMS interface license (ArantiaCast server needed)

User Interface Customization Service Arantia TV system (32 hours)

Set up service for the customization of the Arantia TV platform interface. Following the previous requirements established by the client, an interface adapted to the specific needs of the establishment is implemented, capable of enhancing the corporate brand and identity.

Among the tasks included in this service we can find: the personalization of the welcome message, the adjustment of the grid, the incorporation of images and corporate logos or the integration of widgets or descriptive texts.*

The duration of this service is established at a maximum of 32 working hours**. The approximate response time to the request is established within 48 hours, and will be carried out during business hours from Monday to Friday.

After the development and approval of the interface, the final version is uploaded to the client server for proper operation.

Period of coverage: 4 months after the first service definition meeting. Once the period of coverage has elapsed, the service will no longer be effective.

(*) The images, corporate logos and descriptive texts should be provided in advance by the client.

(**) Minimum unit of action is established in 15-minute time slots, and it is not possible to split it into shorter time actions. Before any action is taken, the customer will be informed of the time to be consumed.

Ref. 830502
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EAN13: 8424450153338
  • This service allows the creation of a display of interactive services adapted to the corporate identity of the establishment
  • It helps to promote the brand of the establishment by integrating it into the Arantia TV service
  • Menu design with specific services and look-&-feel for rooms or groups of rooms
  • Customization of images, logos, texts, widgets, etc.
  • This customization service covers up to a maximum of 32 hours of work, including the following activities:
    • Implementation of the developments requested by the client in HTML format and subsequent delivery for validation
    • Collection of comments for improvement
    • Implementation of the final version
    • Uploading the final version of the interface to the client server

Customization of customer-facing content

It provides personalized services and content* capable of responding to the needs and preferences of users, generating a more user-friendly interface.
Among the developments offered with this service, there is also the option of adapting the viewing style to the establishment's corporate identity, allowing the brand image to be promoted through the Arantia TV platform.

(*) From images, logos or videos previously provided by the client.

Content adapted to the required languages

For those services that include hotel information, and that require personalized texts in different languages, this service includes the possibility of creating customized options in up to 4 different languages*. This has a significant impact on the user experience for visitors of different nationalities.

(*) From images, logos or videos previously provided by the client.