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ArantiaCast Server Lite up to 80 points of visualization

ArantiaCast Server Lite up to 80 points of visualization

ArantiaCast Server

The guest will feel at home

Device in charge of managing all the Chromecast installed at the hotel. It includes a powerful management tool that can also provide monitoring and usage information received from all the Chromecast available at the network.
Ref. 831410
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EAN13: 8424450192061
  • The system allows the remote monitoring of the installed devices
  • The Chromecast installation on the television sets is carried out in an unobtrusive and safe way
  • Streaming will only be allowed on the TV of the guest's own room
  • The system can manage the disconnection of the guests' device in properties with or without PMS
  • It includes the option to customise the contents of the Chromecast welcome screen, allowing the hotel to include its own brand in the system. The hotel can also customise the web accessed by the guests during the pairing process with a logo and a background image of their choice
  • The system includes a section of usage statistics in the configuration tool, which displays the general statistics of the system since the first recorded event date
  • Equipped with an anti-theft box cable for the ArantiaCast KIT
  • Content streaming on the hotel's television set, just like home
  • Secure system that guarantees the guests' privacy
  • Compatible with any television set equipped with an HDMI connector
  • Over 2,000 applications available for Casting
  • Multiple mobile devices can be connected to the same room's Chromecast
  • Up to 1080p resolution
  • Compatible with iOS mobile devices with version 12.0 or higher
  • Compatible with Android mobile devices with version 6.0 or higher



ARANTIACAST is a professional casting solution designed for hospitality environments where there are numerous users and ensuring the guests’ privacy should be one of the main concerns for the hotelier. The guests’ mobile device can only be paired to the TV in their room and the pairing can be easily achieved just by scanning a QR code on the TV.
The unobtrusive installation does not detract from any aesthetic or functional aspect of the room. It only needs to be integrated in the premises’ existing Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, it allows network remote monitoring and provides an outstanding added value to the hotel.

Differences between ARANTIACAST and Mirroring

The contents of an application are transferred to a different device The image displayed on an application transferred to a different device
Both devices can run different applications The same screen is displayed on both devices
The device to which the application is transferred only displays the application’s execution All the content displayed on the portable device is displayed on the second device’s screen
Multitasking: the mobile device can run other applications No multitasking: all the actions performed on the mobile device are displayed on the secondary device
The mobile device’s screen can be disabled, left idle Should the screen of the mobile device turn black, so would the screen of the secondary device
Not all apps are compatible Everything can be displayed on the screen of the secondary device
Compatible with iOS & Android mobile devices Compatibility with different platforms is not guaranteed

RAM typeDDR4
RAM speedMHz2400
Number of HDD1
HDD capacityGB240
Number of fans2
Number of fans2
Input voltageVac 100 ... 240
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Operating temperature°F 41 ... 95
Relative humidity% 8 ... 90

Content customization

ArantiaCast adapts to image and brand of the establishment

With this functionality it is possible to costomize the welcome screen of the ArantiaCast service. The administrator can define the logo, the background image and the content that will be displayed on the screen when the guest access the service, contributing to enhace the establishment’s own brand.

In order to complete this user experience, there is also the option to customize the web address that guests access during the pairing process of their devices, both with a characteristic logo and a background image chosen by the establishment itself.

System usage reports

Detailed summary of each connection

Within the ArantiaCast administration tool we can find a complete section of system usage reports. In it, the administrator will be able to consult the general statistics of the system since the date of the first recorded event: total duration of all casting sessions, total number of casting sessions carried out, average duration of each casting session, average daily casting time and average daily number of casting sessions.

The administrator can obtain specific information thanks to the to sort statistics by room, start date and end date, as well as the option to display three charts: Daily chart, App use by time and App use by number.

To obtain raw and complete information, the tool offers the possibility of exporting the data displayed on the screen both in PDF format (where the screen shown on the server is replicated) and in CSV (in which the relevant statistics and data are captured and used to create reports and graphs).

Remote management and monitoring of installed devices

Installation under control

To simplify the tasks of monitoring and error detection in the ArantiaCast system, there is an option to check the status of each of the Chromecast devices, displaying information on the coverage level and the signal quality. It is also possible to restart and change the name of the devices, as well as set the deletion of linked devices at a specific time or at check out.

PMS integration

Processes automation to simplify management tasks

The ArantiaCast system integrates with the most widely used PMS on the market, contributing to automate the processes related to the guests’ stay, such as defining a specific communication language or performing an automatic checkout without the need for interaction.