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Communications rack mounted and adjusted, 42RU, 800mmx800mm

Communications rack mounted and adjusted, 42RU, 800mmx800mm

Communications rack mounted and adjusted, 27RU, 600mmx1000mm

19” Communications rack mounted and adjusted for Hospitality projects. This reference includes both the structure and the service of assembly and adjustment of the necessary equipment, as well as their connection to each other, in order to meet the requirements previously established with the client.

The elements included in the assembly are:

  • VPN router
  • Interconnection elements of the equipment included in the rack: patch-cords, panels, adapters, screws...
  • Specific headends and service equipment required in the project (the number and type of devices must be previously defined in the capture of requirements with the client)
  • Multiswitch with the number of inputs and outputs according to the project (optional)
Ref. 831301
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EAN13: 8424450172926
  • Specifically intended for the distribution of Hospitality services, such as: IPTV, Interactive Television, VoD, nPVR...
  • It includes a rack with steel frame and steel plates, equipped with four 19" sides, allowing the front and rear panels to move backwards
  • It includes the devices and accessories required for the project (previously defined with the client), either GPON system or structured cabling system
  • It includes the service of assembly and connection(*) of the equipment required in the project, as well as a complete testing, validation and optimization for correct operation
  • Different equipment options depending on the project requirements
  • The equipment is integrated into a single chassis for efficient management
  • All the rack structural elements have punch-holes to facilitate ventilation
  • Labelling of cabling and components included in the rack for easy maintenance

(*) This reference includes only and exclusively the wiring between the devices included in the rack structure. Connection to the distribution network is not included.