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What is MyNET WiFi?

MyNET WiFi is a technology developed by Televes that shows that it is possible to create an efficient, responsible and secure wireless network by adjusting the power level of the wireless terminal. With this solution, the wireless (or WiFi) devices can be set to low power, emitting only 3 dBm, giving users substantial improvements in certain environments.

What does MyNET WiFi offer?

MyNET WiFi provides many benefits, included:

  • Integration with coaxial TV and Internet services.
  • 1km signal extension without using an amplifier.
  • Creation of access microcells.
  • Monitoring of networks created by «Access Control».

Which guidelines does this technology have?

MyNET WiFi has the following guidelines:

  • More efficiency: It improves performance of the connected users thanks to the creation of access microcells, instead of using a single emitter with higher power.
  • More security: It reduces the reach range to avoid undesired network access by third parties. In addition, it generates less interference than multiple router devices, emitting more power.
  • More responsibility: It is our responsibility to reduce the degree of exposure to electromagnetic waves necessary to guarantee our enjoyment of good Internet access.