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DC blocker F type

DC blocker F type

Tightness cap F connectors

Tightness cap to be installed on a F connector for outdoor protection (usually for LNB). Compatible with compression connector ref. 3802.
Supplied in 10-unit bag.

Ref. 418001
Product Sheet
EAN13: 8424450197943

Physical data

Net weight: 40 g

Gross weight: 40 g

Main product weight: 1 g


Bag 10 Units

Box 250 Units

More Information
tlv_reflog FPT10
tlv_ean 8424450197943
tlv_dim_product_x 0
tlv_dim_product_x_label Width
tlv_dim_product_x_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_y 0
tlv_dim_product_y_label Height
tlv_dim_product_y_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_z 0
tlv_dim_product_z_label Depth
tlv_dim_product_z_unit mm
tlv_weight_product_label Main product weight
tlv_weight_product 1
tlv_weight_product_unit g
tlv_gross_weight_label Gross weight
tlv_gross_weight 40
tlv_gross_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight_label Net weight
tlv_net_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight 40
tlv_1_type_pack Bag
tlv_1_type_pcs_pack Units
tlv_1_pcs_pack 10
tlv_2_pcs_pack 250
tlv_2_type_pack Box
tlv_2_type_pcs_pack Units