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Through outlet 3 connectors: FM-TV-SAT

Through outlet 3 connectors: FM-TV-SAT

End Outlet Triplexed 3 connectors: FM-TV-SAT

Three-connector end outlet tripexed. The IEC male connector for terrestrial TV is located on the lower left side, while the IEC female connector for FM (radio) is located on the lower right side; an F connector for satellite TV (SAT) is located at the top centre.
The lower part of the chassis is open.
Ref. 524603
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EAN13: 4031136068660
  • High-rejection terrestrial-satellite separation filter: the SAT signal is filtered in the FM-TV IEC connectors, while the terrestrial FM/TV signal is filtered in the satellite F connector.
  • Robot-controlled automated manufacturing
  • High shielding
  • Outstanding isolation between outputs

Main features
  • Made of Zamak, high strength
  • DC pass from the SAT connector to the input
  • Compatible with coaxial cable with sheath diameters in the 5-to-7 mm range (Ø 5...7 mm)


Televes outlets: Screw-free mounting

A class A outlet offering numerous advantages:

  • The inner conductor is connected simply by pushing, without the need for screws; still the gripping force is equivalent
  • Supports inner conductor diameters from 0.65 mm to 1.2 mm, and external cable diameters from 5 mm to 6.9 mm
  • F-connector type conic guide for easy inner conductor introduction
  • Wide margin in inner conductor length (from 5 mm to 15 mm), which makes short circuits between core and mesh difficult
  • Tilt-up, self-supporting, full-opening clamp
  • The clamp is equipped with 3 jagged rows in 9 mm for a perfect braid fixing
  • Printed circuit board perforation to make the faceplate fixing screw compatible
  • Rounded edges to prevent cuts
  • Class A shielding

Furthermore, this product range includes several engravings on the chassis:

  • CE marking
  • Numerical and logical references
  • Input and output indications
  • Cable stripping dimensions

Fastening methodWithout screws
Number of connectors3
R Connector"IEC" female
TV Connector"IEC" male
SAT Connector"F" female
Pass-through outputNo
Frequency rangeMHz
87.5 ... 108125 ... 862950 ... 2400
Rejection between outputsdB
> 10 > 10 > 10
Attenuation: R ConnectordB
4 ----
Attenuation: TV ConnectordB
--4 --
Attenuation: SAT ConnectordB
DC passSAT→In
Max. currentmA350

Mounting details