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End Outlet Bridged 2 connectors: FM/TV-SAT

End Outlet Bridged 2 connectors: FM/TV-SAT

End Outlet Diplexed 2 connectors: FM/TV-SAT

End outlet diplexed equipped with two IEC connectors. The left connector is a male IEC for FM (radio), while the right connector is a female IEC for satellite TV (SAT).
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Ref. 4301 Outlet design: With clamps, Packing: Blister, Complement: Outlet + Faceplate
Ref. 5226 Outlet design: With clamps, Packing: Box, Complement: Outlet
Ref. 5276 Outlet design: Without clamps, Packing: Box, Complement: Outlet
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  • High-rejection separation filter: the SAT signal is filtered in the FM/TV IEC male connector , while the terrestrial FM/TV signal is filtered in the satellite IEC female connector.
  • Robot-controlled automated manufacturing
  • High shielding
  • Outstanding isolation between outputs

Main features
  • Made of Zamak, high strength
  • DC pass from the SAT connector to the input
  • Compatible with coaxial cable with sheath diameters in the 5-to-7 mm range (Ø 5...7 mm)


Televes outlets: Screw-free mounting

A class A outlet offering numerous advantages:

  • The inner conductor is connected simply by pushing, without the need for screws; still the gripping force is equivalent
  • Supports inner conductor diameters from 0.65 mm to 1.2 mm, and external cable diameters from 5 mm to 6.9 mm
  • F-connector type conic guide for easy inner conductor introduction
  • Wide margin in inner conductor length (from 5 mm to 15 mm), which makes short circuits between core and mesh difficult
  • Tilt-up, self-supporting, full-opening clamp
  • The clamp is equipped with 3 jagged rows in 9 mm for a perfect braid fixing
  • Printed circuit board perforation to make the faceplate fixing screw compatible
  • Rounded edges to prevent cuts
  • Class A shielding

Furthermore, this product range includes several engravings on the chassis:

  • CE marking
  • Numerical and logical references
  • Input and output indications
  • Cable stripping dimensions

Fastening methodWithout screws
Number of connectors2
R/TV Connector"IEC" male
SAT Connector"IEC" female
Pass-through outputNo
Frequency rangeMHz
5 ... 862950 ... 2400
Rejection between outputsdB
> 10 > 15
Attenuation: R/TV ConnectordB
0.6 --
Attenuation: SAT ConnectordB
DC passSAT→In
Max. currentmA350

Mounting details