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NOVA Series

Intelligent (with BOSSTech) NOVA Series

NOVA Series:

A special antenna series to be installed in restrictive locations.

  • Known for their pleasing low-impact visual design and ideal for installations where good aesthetics are key.
  • Intelligent antennas include our BOSS system to provide the best output level for a exceptional reception quality.
  • LTE ready: they integrate an LTE electronic filter to remove cell phone interference
  • Built with materials that are highly resistant to salt air , humidity and other adverse climatic elements, with a protection index of 53.
  • Low power consumption and easy mounting. Furthermore, they can be purchased as full kits including all the accessories required for their installation.
  • Manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls, providing high reliability.


Building fronts, balconies and single-family homes

  • Very low visual impact
  • Two possible positions for reception: horizontal and vertical polarization
  • RCP clamp and support reinforced with glass fibre


Enhanced Mechanical design for installation on RV’s or campers

  • The base includes a U-bolt , compatible with up to 30mm-diameter masts
  • The mounting system at the antenna base allows for the coaxial cable protection and concealment inside the mast or the mount.


An omnidirectional antenna, it does not require pointing .

  • An omnidirectional design allows for signal reception over 360º, significantly reducing installation time
  • Ideal for boats and campers during short stays where avoiding the pointing process is desired
  • Reception bands include: AM, BI, FM, BIII and UHF


The best option for DTT reception on the move

  • Allows signal reception on equipped vehicles from different emitters, discriminating weak or poor-quality signals, only sending the best-quality signal to the television set
  • Ideal for buses, campers or boats, for DTT reception while travelling