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MicroUSB-B to USB-C OTG patchcord AVANT programmable amplifiers

MicroUSB-B to USB-C OTG patchcord AVANT programmable amplifiers

75-Ohm termination load F type, with DC blocking

75-Ohm termination load with F-type connection. Installed on the unused outputs of the device as a termination of the coaxial transmission line to avoid mismatches and interference. Equipped with a direct current blocking mechanism, it is recommended for equipment that allow DC current circulation towards the output.

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Ref. 4061 Packing: Box
Product Sheet
Ref. 4061

Physical data

Net weight: 7 g

Gross weight: 7 g

Width: 12 mm

Height: 29 mm

Depth: 12 mm

Main product weight: 2 g


Box 10 Units

Carton 200 Units

Bucket 2600 Units

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tlv_reflog_group_search FRC75
tlv_sku_group_search 4061
tlv_diferencias Packing: Box
tlv_dim_product_x 12
tlv_dim_product_x_label Width
tlv_dim_product_x_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_y 29
tlv_dim_product_y_label Height
tlv_dim_product_y_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_z 12
tlv_dim_product_z_label Depth
tlv_dim_product_z_unit mm
tlv_weight_product_label Main product weight
tlv_weight_product 2
tlv_weight_product_unit g
tlv_gross_weight_label Gross weight
tlv_gross_weight 7
tlv_gross_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight_label Net weight
tlv_net_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight 7
tlv_1_type_pack Box
tlv_1_type_pcs_pack Units
tlv_1_pcs_pack 10
tlv_2_pcs_pack 200
tlv_2_type_pack Carton
tlv_2_type_pcs_pack Units
tlv_3_pcs_pack 2600
tlv_3_type_pack Bucket
tlv_3_type_pcs_pack Units