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“F” Power Supply Unit 12 V - 220 mA, 2 outputs

“F” Power Supply Unit 12 V - 220 mA, 2 outputs

"F" Power Supply Unit 12V – 800mA, 1 output, with Bluetooth® (for SmartKom)

Domestic 12V-power supply (800mA) inserted in the installation to power a SmartKom intelligent amplifier. The device powers through the coaxial cable of the TV input and allows signal pass-through at the output. It also includes a second input for satellite signal mixing, so that a complete TV distribution can be transmitted under a single coaxial cable, connected to the output connector of the PSU.

This power supply is specially designed for installation with a SmartKom intelligent amplifier, as it incorporates a Bluetooth® antenna that allows wirelessly programmation of the SmartKom using a smartphone or tablet, with the ASuite application. The power supply also has a button that executes the autoprogramming function of the SmartKom, which allows the amplifier to program and adjust itself.

Ref. 550210
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EAN13: 8424450266267
  • Bluetooth® antenna for wireless configuration of the SmartKom amplifier using a smartphone or tablet (ASuite App)
  • Built-in autoprogramming button, so it is not necessary to physically go to the SmartKom to execute it
  • LED indicator displaying both adjustment and programming status
  • Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • High-performance switched-mode power supply: saves up to 40% power consumption
  • Low-impact visual design and limited size
  • "F" connectors
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws

Plug typeEU
Number of outputs1
Frequency rangeMHz
47 ... 862950 ... 2150
Insertion losses: 1 outputdB
2 2
Output voltageVdc12
Max. output currentmA800
Max current for LNBmA500
Input voltageVac 220 ... 230
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max. currentmA130
Max. power consumptionW14
Operating temperature°C -5 ... 45
Protection index20