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ISD 830 aluminium satellite dish 83x75cm

ISD 830 aluminium satellite dish 83x75cm

ISD 830 aluminium satellite dish 83x75cm

Designed to last

Offset aluminium satellite dish for the reception of satellite signals.
Provides an outstanding performance against corrosion, thanks to the aluminium reflector and the stainless steel screws.
The structure was designed to make the mounting easier.

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  • Robust structure: flexible LNB support and clamp, made of a special polymer reinforced with glass fiber
  • Aluminium arm that allows the concealing of the cable layout on the inside
  • Robust mounting with Zamak clamp and support, as well as two U-bolts
  • Optimized design to make mounting easier

Main features
  • Stainless steel reflector and screws
  • Adjustable elevation angle from 0º to 90º
  • Light-weight
  • An hex wrench is integrated in the LNB support itself for nut adjustment
  • The LNB is fixed on its support even without any screws
  • Includes Televes logo



Plastics reinforced with glass fibre last longer, are anti-magnetic, fire resistant and provide excellent electric insulation. Here are the main reasons why glass fibre improves our antennas:

  • Immunity to corrosion
  • Lightweight, which makes mounting easier
  • Flexibility, which improves material performance under adverse weather conditions

Frequency rangeGHz 10.7 ... 12.75
Gain (11.75GHz)dBi38
Offset angleº26.6
Elevation angleº 0 ... 90
Dish size: Heightmm833
Dish size: Widthmm747
Dish materialAluminium
LNB-bracket diametermm40
Wind load (@130Km/h)N499.2
Wind load (@150Km/h)N686.4
Mast diametermm 20 ... 60

Mounting details

  1. Screws are pre-assembled on the support and protected against corrosion.
    The dish is conveniently anchored thanks to the shape of the holes.

  2. The mounting of the arm is a quick procedure requiring a single screw.

  3. The reflector's support is easily assembled in the elevation mechanism.
    The elevation angle is adjustable from 0 to 90º.

  4. Integrated hex wrench (die type). Only tearing off the plastic and tightening the nut is required.

  5. The LNB fits in the support and is held in place during installation.

  6. The coaxial cable layout is concealed inside the aluminium arm.